Thursday, April 18

Beijing to Build 1,628 More Electric-Auto Charging Piles

China’s capital Beijing has announced to add 1,628 more public charging piles for the new energy vehicles. These fresh charging services will be placed in crowded areas near shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and parks in more than 10 districts around the city.

At present, the Chinese city has a total of 132,000 charging piles for new energy vehicles, and with this addition, it is going to expand more. The demand and sale of electric vehicles are increasing day by day.

New energy vehicle sales went up 49.5 percent year-on-year to 101,000 vehicles last month, on the other hand, production rose 39 percent to 99,000 vehicles.

China has been the world’s largest new energy vehicle market for three continuous years. Last year, the country sold around 777,000 vehicles. The country produced and sold 18.13 million and 18 million automobiles in the first eight months of the year, which was an increase of 2.8 and 3.5 percent.

In recent years, China has sharpened the efforts to uplift the use of new energy vehicles to lessen the pressure on the environment by offering tax exemptions and discounts for their purchases.