Sunday, May 26

Michigan Startup May Mobility Expands to a Third US City

Michigan startup May Mobility which is an autonomous shuttle company has announced its plans to another US city that is Columbus, Ohio.

The company has plans to add another route in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s an extensive and rapid boost for a company that was established less than two years ago.

The startup has built low-speed autonomous shuttles that are designed to run along a specific route in business districts or corporate and college campuses. May Mobility stated that it will bring in four of its six-seat electric shuttles to Grand Rapids. The one-year pilot will begin in March 2019.

“We’re excited our first [autonomous] pilot is for moving multiple people. This is a step to show that Grand Rapids is ready for” autonomous vehicles, Naramore said. “When new technology comes, we want to make sure it’s accessible to everyone, not just some.”

The objective of the program is to know how mobility impacts city infrastructure and prepare the community for autonomous vehicles and also to find ways to address congestion and stimulate the work-life balance.