Sunday, May 26

Now Play Game on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the platform renowned for job hunting, professional networking, and career milestone sharing, is now venturing into a new domain – gaming.

Why the sudden shift? Well, considering that many individuals indulge in games like Candy Crush during work hours, it seems fitting to introduce gaming on a professional networking platform. This could potentially lead to increased time spent on LinkedIn.

In March, LinkedIn announced the introduction of its first batch of games. These include daily puzzle games reminiscent of Wordle – Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint. The aim is to attract more users and boost engagement on the platform. If you’re adept at Wordle, these games might seem familiar and easy to navigate.

However, LinkedIn imposes a limit on gameplay – each game can only be played once a day. This restriction ensures that productivity isn’t compromised. Users have the option to invite their first-degree connections for a game and share their performance stats with their network, provided they opt-in.

This new feature places LinkedIn on par with other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, which have already incorporated games into their platforms. Facebook has a dedicated section called “Facebook Gaming”, while Snapchat offers a range of casual games designed for quick play sessions with friends.

The introduction of games on LinkedIn could potentially foster deeper connections among members and provide additional reasons for users to engage with the platform. It will be intriguing to observe the impact of this feature on LinkedIn’s membership, which currently stands at over 1 billion globally, according to company data.

As for profitability, introducing games could increase user engagement and time spent on the platform. This could attract more advertisers, leading to increased ad revenue. Additionally, LinkedIn could consider introducing premium games or features, creating an additional revenue stream. This move could potentially enhance LinkedIn’s market position and profitability.