Thursday, April 18

Tag: ensures companies keep hiring during CoronaVirus
Story ensures companies keep hiring during CoronaVirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended the society's operations, and the market is under unprecedented stress. With over 3 Lakh cases in India and the loss of $250 billion after Lockdown 1.0, according to former Infosys CFO-V. Balakrishnan, India's financial state has taken a blow.  Industries like tourism, automotive, tourism, and aviation, have had to terminate their operations while other sectors, like healthcare, technology, and life sciences, have been saddled with overwhelming recruitment demand. Though the commonality across all industries, during COVID-19, is the disruption to HR and recruitment. Along with adjusting to layoffs and hiring freezes, recruiters and job seekers have had to transition to Working From Home. Nevertheless, Indians are resilient and are taking these ...