Sunday, June 23 ensures companies keep hiring during CoronaVirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended the society’s operations, and the market is under unprecedented stress. With over 3 Lakh cases in India and the loss of $250 billion after Lockdown 1.0, according to former Infosys CFO-V. Balakrishnan, India’s financial state has taken a blow. 

Industries like tourism, automotive, tourism, and aviation, have had to terminate their operations while other sectors, like healthcare, technology, and life sciences, have been saddled with overwhelming recruitment demand. Though the commonality across all industries, during COVID-19, is the disruption to HR and recruitment. Along with adjusting to layoffs and hiring freezes, recruiters and job seekers have had to transition to Working From Home. Nevertheless, Indians are resilient and are taking these challenges head-on.

The new normal has brought a massive change in the recruitment process that experts think will continue even after the health crisis. Country’s hiring statistics grimly report a 62% plunge compared to last year. These numbers are encumbering the strained mental and physical well being of pandemic ridden Indians. Companies, startups, and recruiters understand the importance of quality talent but need to revamp their hiring strategies with an emphasis on empathy if they want to bank on this valuable asset during the pandemic. 

Be specific about Work From Home Jobs

Recruiters should succinctly describe the requirements and benefits of the job. This will not only reduce the time wasted on applying for unqualified jobs but will also help employers to hire promptly. Reduce ambiguity of the nature of the employment and its long-term prospects- is it a stop-gap or a permanent role, will it require relocation later or will it continue to be a Work From Home job? Also, answer the essential question- How will the company help if the employee contracts the coronavirus? 

Be transparent about the hiring timeline

The biggest complaint job seekers have is the lack of transparency during the recruitment process. Leaving candidates high and dry is the biggest mistake recruiters are making. A short message to update the candidates of their status in the process will go a long way. Job seekers will not waste their time and energy, chasing hope from a dead-end avenue. KillerLaunch was created to bridge the gap between recruiters and job seekers and platform focuses on hiring transparency.

Personalize interviewing and the onboarding process

Recruiters need to be more sensitive and respectful towards jobseekers. With the lockdown in place, all hiring procedures have shifted online. Technology requirements and accommodations must be made for Work From Home Internships and jobs. Video calling can be scary for a lot of candidates, and explaining what the interviewer expects from them will ease a lot of anxiety. KillerLaunch’s inbuilt chat function enables a faster connection between job seekers and employers and reduces miscommunication.

Once new recruits have onboarded, employers should highlight the need to foster connection between colleagues and amend the expectations of their nee employees.

Future of Hiring post-COVID

Layoffs have seen a rise since the lockdown started in March. Companies with resources are taking advantage of the layoffs by accelerating hiring to diversify their employee pool with highly skilled workers. Work From Home jobs have increased geographical diversity as the growing digital presence has decreased the need for relocation. With Unlock 1.0, India is slowly but steadily moving towards normalcy, and a little empathy will be the determinant of a good employee.

KillerLaunch is working tirelessly to provide job seekers with active job opportunities during COVID-19. Companies go through a strict verification process, and job seekers can sign up and apply for their dream swiftly.