Sunday, May 26

With 5 Lakh Monthly Visit, Couponhaat Become Delhi’s Leading Coupon & Deals Website

Hola amigos, people-who-love-discounts! We’re just kidding. We all love discounts as much as we love free food. Talking of discounts; there are vouchers, gift cards, buy 1 get 1 free things, cashback, and then to combine all these, we have COUPONS! Coupons and cashback bring happiness to us in loads. Especially for us, Indians, who love to save money and when demonetization is hitting us hard in the guts.

Some stats also said that out of 39 million total online shoppers, online shoppers searched coupons and deals for a total of about 37.05 Million in India. Mobile internet use resulted in a 14.2% growth of traffic in the Indian online retail market.

So Couponhaat a Delhi based startup which is India’s leading coupons and deals company helps online shoppers to discover the best deals from the most reputed e-commerce brands as well as small brands. It is an e-commerce enabler which works on both B2C and B2B segments. It enables the user to access the best compatible discount/coupon available. The application of Couponhaat also provides an opportunity to set your personal preferences and see only the offers you are really interested in.

Couponhaat was founded by Vipin Kumar Yadav in the month of April 2015. Vipin is a  software engineer by profession, an alumnus of GLA University, Mathura. He always thought that something lacked in other coupon and deal sites and then he started working on Couponhaat in his room. He built up initial version, showed it to some of his friends from Europe and they liked it. Initially they were a small team of just 4 members. Presently, the size of the team has increased to more than 20 efficient people.



Couponhaat is self funded startup, and they are further looking to raise funds with their phenomenal craze in the e-commerce market.


How it works?

Couponhaat has launched their mobile application hence making it easy for the customers to avail online coupons and discounts on desired brands. Couponhaat is extremely easy to use and you can get started by logging in through your Facebook account. Then the app asks you to select the categories you are interested in. And there it shows you the discount offers available for the selected categories.


“All the deals and coupons are hand-picked from our skilled team of passionate deal-hunters. If there is a deal worth knowing about, the Couponhaat app will have it for you”, says Vipin Kumar Yadav, Founder CEO.



Couponhaat has its own user friendly application for both Android and iOS. It has more than 300,000 coupons to redeem and 7000 live coupons and deals. The site has nearly 500,000 monthly visits, and also more than 400,000 newsletter subscribers. Couponhaat can also assist you when you are offline, that is, it gives you the facility to browse offers smoothly updated till your last online mode.