Sunday, June 23

Lets Talk Leather – Gear Up to Welcome an Unmatched Marketplace in the Leather Industry

Would you be thrilled if we tell you that, now, you will have an exclusive platform for leather manufacturers, that too targeting the global market? The growth of e-commerce is not hidden from us. Online purchasing has been rapidly expanding and its impact can be seen all across the globe in almost every field. Modern users have already transferred their preferences from physical storefronts to mobile screens, resulting in the exponential expansion of online marketplaces with each passing day. We, at Lets Talk Leather, have drafted a plan to come up with one of the most unique integrated marketplaces that would offer numerous benefits to small as well as large businesses. We are one of the first platforms to come up with an idea that would help expose local leather vendors/manufacturers to the international market. There are not many organizations that offer you the whip hand to explore the market outside the country. Here we are to bridge that gap.

In India, the leather industry occupies a place of notability and the export of leather products from the country was to the tune of USD 5.07 billion during 2019-2020. However, leather-related marketplaces are usually domestic and into lead generation only. On our platform, we envisage to provide excellent buyer connectivity and hassle-free payment gateway integration, with free express shipping worldwide. We are welcoming all leather product manufacturers and exporters to be a part of this exciting journey.


The trade of leather goods across countries is growing day by day and to work out the ease of doing business between international buyers and sellers in India, Lets Talk Leather was given birth. The online platform would accomplish the goal by setting up a marketplace that displays top -notch products, besides ensuring hassle-free supply, prompt payments and dynamic customer upkeep, among others. It would also provide an overall experience of trust and ease of operations. Our objective is to a provide a global platform for leather art and to empower individuals who work with it.

The focus would be to provide a global footprint to brands based in one area of the world, to help them expand their business beyond the traditional and explored markets. We are launching soon in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Middle East and later on followed by the Asian countries, we shall seek manufactures participation from  Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Malaysia. . Whatever you craft with genuine leather, we have a category for every piece including key chains to desk organizers, passport sleeves to gun holsters and coasters to decor items, among others.


You must have stumbled upon a lot of business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms in the recent years, such as Amazon, Udaan and Indiamart that have been doing great in their verticals. But, why should you go for LTL? We have an answer for that. Amazon mainly focuses on B2C, Udaan and Indiamart target domestic market only and they are operates in many categories. So the gap between International buyers and local manufacturers of leather products is going to be fill by Lets talk Leather using its aggregator app.

LTL will exclusively deal in leather products, giving them a holding in the market. Businesses can easily figure out what they need to do and how they should properly conduct their operations. It would allow brands to stay focused on their goals without being distracted by other lines of products. All business categories, such as men, women, travel, upholstery, accessories and pet, will be incorporated on the portal and app.

On the LTL Market place, there are no restrictions on the amount or types of products you can sell. Multiple sizes, colours, materials, and other options are available for your products. XLS files can be used to import or export data. We have designed an appealing homepage, numerous promotional elements, push alerts for apps, vendor-customer live chat, active business area, new customer dashboard, and pdf invoices, among other things.


The company also intends to build a mobile app, recognizing that applications generate three times the amount of sales as websites. This would facilitate the process of showcasing items pleasingly. The app’s analytics and machine learning would figure out what the users want and adapt recommendations for each category and customer based on the targeted feed’s analytics and machine learning. It will be designed with a high-quality UI/UX for both Android and iOS platforms.

The app will feature a fuzzy search algorithm that will find products and show listing even if buyers misspell the terms, besides displaying linked items and recently bought together products. It will have dynamic filters to narrow down the users’ search results, making the process easier. Additionally, trending items will also be shown with a ‘TRENDING NOW’ badge.


Dynamic Permission – Users will have complete control over the platform. They can create a new user role and give a set of permissions to limit the access for users for the specific user role.

Vendor Profile – It will enable the user to create a seller profile and link it to products. Buyers will be able to visit the seller’s shop to purchase additional products.

Theme-Based Storefront – For greater visibility, a fully dynamic theme-based frontend administration system will be provided.

Email Notifications – Receive email notifications for events such as new orders, inquiries, and changes.

Social Media Logins – The system will have integrated a social media login mechanism with Facebook and Google to make consumer registration as simple as possible.

Different Login UI – To keep data safe and secure, separate login areas have been created for customers and vendors.

Buyer-Seller Connect – From the order detail page, the buyer can contact the seller, who can respond or start a new topic.

Some other important features that the platform will have include ticket system, dispute system (refunds, returns & grievances), full-featured inbox for messages & emails, and secure login system. So basically, an association with ‘Lets Talk leather’ entails increased product awareness, reliable buyers, easy supply, prompt payment, and good customer service to gain a competitive advantage in foreign markets.

Last but not least the enrollment for the vendors at Lets talk Leather will start from 1 St December. There are lucrative offers for early comers from the company that includes from dedicated brand shop account to main homepage banner ad etc.

So why wait? Enroll and Lets talk leather with the world.