Friday, March 1

What Are the Most Common Types of Online Gambling?

As smartphones came into the technological picture of our gadgets, online gambling started growing in popularity. Indeed, there aren’t many differences between games in land-based casinos and online ones, but the way we can access them made a difference.

We’ve prepared an easy guide for you to get better acquainted with the different types of online gambling to choose which one suits you best. Also, we’ll point out the main advantages of online casinos that you can’t quite find in land-based ones.  

The most common types of online gambling

People worldwide have gone crazy for online casinos mostly because they can claim bonuses, most of which are no deposit ones. At NetBet, for example, you can claim your bonuses through the NetBet bonus code and enjoy lucrative bonuses for your favorite games.

Regarding different types of online casino games, here are some of the most common ones gambling enthusiasts like to play with or without bonuses. 


Slots are relatively self-explanatory. The objective of this game is to get three matching symbols on the spinning reels. Three same symbols are called “a jackpot.”


In a game of blackjack, the opponent is the dealer. The goal is to get to number 21 before the dealer without ever exceeding that number. There are, of course, specific rules as to how the sum of 21 is calculated.


In roulette, you bet on a number, the row, or the square where you think the ball will end after you spin the roulette circle. It may sound like an impossible thing to predict, but you’ll get a grip of it fast and enjoy the “risk” of gambling only roulette can bring.


This online casino game was something only the rich, kings, and aristocrats played. Today, high-rollers enjoy this game in physical casinos, but everyone can play it online. The rules are simple, you have to get the sum of nine, or a number close to nine, but never higher.

Benefits of online casinos

The games remained the same when the world of online gambling overtook land-based casino gambling. Online gambling even came with some benefits the physical casinos can’t offer, such as:

  • You can play online casinos from the comfort of your home;
  • You can get lucrative bonuses, which physical casinos provide only to the high-rollers;
  • Minimum bets in online casinos are lower than in land-based ones;
  • Online casinos offer a greater set of game choices.