Thursday, April 18

India Leads The Sales Marketing Collaboration : Linkedin

India has the highest level of collaboration globally between sales and marketing departments to strengthen their relationship to drive business success and achieve revenue growth, showed a research by networking website LinkedIn.

India has a higher level of collaboration (85 per cent) compared to South East Asia (84 per cent), Australia (74 per cent), the United States (76 per cent), and the United Kingdom (73 per cent),the research showed.

Commissioned by LinkedIn and conducted by Join the Dots, the research examined 7,140 sales and marketing professionals from September 26, 2016, to October 19, 2016, across five key markets, including Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, India and South-East Asia ..

About 89 per cent of employees surveyed strongly believe that the current relationship between sales and marketing is highly collaborative, the research said, adding that some of the reasons for this higher collaboration level in India include encouragement by company leadership (81 per cent) and both teams aligning on the same strategy and objectives (77 per cent).

Majority of the employees surveyed believe that a common goal and a high-level of collaboration between sales and marketing .