Monday, June 24

Mahindra Group Starts Using Internet-of-Things For Trucks & Tractors

One of the largest tractor makers and commercial vehicle players in India, Mahindra Group has already started using the Internet-of-Things (IoT) project for placing sensors in its tractors and trucks for predicting possible breakdowns. According to the Strategy Head at the Group, Anish Shah, there will be sensors in tractors and trucks to predict failures of specific parts. There will be parts waiting for customers at service centres on the route subsequently. This will prevent breakdowns and time losses of drivers.

The same technology can be applied for the automobile business too according to Shah. IoT facilitates sensor placement on machines and subsequent data collection for tracking and improving performance. The Mahindra Group has a stake in Cloud Leaf, a Silicon Valley start-up which makes use of Bluetooth smart sensors and Cloud Computing for delivering sensor management and scalable location management. The Group also has a stake in the United States based Scoot Networks which specializes in deployment of electric scooters.

The Mahindra Group is going all out with digital disruption as part of their new USPs with products in the commercial vehicle division. This technology is expected to be integrated into passenger vehicles in the future as well.