Sunday, May 26

Indian Government Issued Warning Against These 42 Chinese Mobile Applications

Earlier this week, Indian government as per some reliable inputs has found that these 43 Android and iOS apps developed by Chinese developers are reportedly either “spyware or other malicious ware.”

A country wide advisory has been sent to all field formations of the Army and paramilitary forces warning of a cyber attack through mobile phones. The advisory comes in the wake of inputs received by the Union Home Ministry from agencies like the R&AW and NTRO.

The advisory says, “As per reliable inputs, a number of android/IOS apps developed by Chinese developers or having Chinese links are reportedly either spyware or other malicious ware. Use of these apps by our force personnel can be detrimental to data security having implications on the force and national security.”

However it is not clear whether any agency has reported any case of espionage through cyber route or if the malware have compromised any system security.

But this isn’t the first time that red flags have been raised over defence forces being targeted by Chinese hackers. India faced its biggest cyber attack in 2012 when ITBP was compromised.

The advisory from Home Ministry has listed 42 apps. Here’s the full list.