Saturday, April 13

Forget 4G, Now 5G technology Adoption to Begin in India This year

Indian telecom operators will start adopting 5G technology, which in present form can deliver up to 1000 mbps download speed, from this year, Huawei India CEO Jay Chen said today.

“I can tell you massive MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) technology (part of 5G technology) will go to India this year. We have had discussions with leading telecom operators who are interested and right now it is only available with Huawei for commercial deployment,” Chen told Pixr8 in an interview.

He added that a wide-scale commercial deployment of 5G is expected to start in India in the next three years.

“We even discussed 5G solution for business to business, business to consumer and business to home services with Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal. He was very impressed with it,” Chen said.

Mittal in an interaction with Pixr8 had said the massive MIMO technology available with Huawei and ZTE can increase current capability of spectrum by up to 8 times at just additional cost of about 20 per cent.

Chen said that 5G standards are expected to be firmed up next year when wide scale commercial deployment of 5G will begin.

“We have already deployed 4.5 G network in 13 circles across India which with minor upgrades can be transformed to 5G. With 4G subscriber base in India increasing, the download speed will reduce for which operators will need to begin start 4.5 G services,” Chen said.

He said that 5G will bring advanced technology which will change the way network coverage is provided to subscribers.

“At present, subscribers runs to connect with the network. We are ready with pilots for multi MIMO technology that will follow subscribers. Dedicated spectrum frequency (beam forming) will connect with device of the subscribers and follow them wherever they go,” Chen said.

He said the Indian industry is improving significantly with consolidation in the sector and end of spectrum shortage which provides good opportunity for telecom equipment companies. “Earlier their was spectrum scarcity in India. There were 13 operators who were involved in tariff war. Since last year we have not seen operators complaining about spectrum scarcity.

Availability of spectrum gives them opportunity to deploy latest technologies like 5G. With Huawei we see this a very positive move. Our growth has also improved in India in last two years,” Chen said.

He said that Indian telecom operators are now moving in the direction where they can catch with rest of the world. On Tuesday, telecom secretary J S Deepak said that India lagged behind in adoption of 3G and 4G but it wants to catch with the world for 5G technology.


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