Thursday, April 18

Reface secures $5.5M in seed funding led by Andreessen Horowitz

KYIV, Ukraine, Dec. 9, 2020– Reface, AI app for a video and GIF face-swaps raises $5.5 million in the seed round of financing led by Andreessen Horowitz and several well-known angel investors.

With these funds, the startup aims to reinvent the way people interact with content.

Reface strives to build the first social platform of dynamically personalized media content empowered with machine learning technologies.

Since the official launch in January 2020, Reface app has been downloaded over 70 million times.

Reface app allows you to snap a picture of your face and apply your likeness to any number of celebrities, without needing any After Effects or VFX knowledge. Within seconds, users can export their creations to a multitude of formats including animated GIF and standard video formats and share them with friends on social media.

To achieve realistic images, the startup uses advanced machine learning methods, including GAN (generative adversarial network). It’s the only technology that can achieve high resolution in the generation of images.

At an early stage, the startup was funded by tech entrepreneur and angel investor Segrey Tokarev. In January 2020, the team launched Reface app, formerly known as Doublicat.

In August 2020, Reface became viral and ranked number one in the US AppStore, surpassing TikTok and Instagram.