Tuesday, May 28

Google Acquire Data Mining Startup Dataform

London, 9th December 2020: Uk based data analytics platform Dataform is joining Google Cloud, the announcement came from Dataform blog.

Dataform will continue to be run and maintained by the same 7 members team under the part of Google Cloud.

Launched in 2017 by Guillaume-Henri Huon & Lewis Hemens, Dataform enables entire data to collaboratively develop, test, and share with business on which they make decisions.

As part o the deal, Dataform Web will be free for all new users and existing customers will be transitioned onto the free plan immediately.

“Throughout our journey we’ve been focused on giving data analysts and data engineers the tools they need to take raw, messy data, transform it, and put it into the hands of their organization. We’ve only just scratched the surface of this problem and solving it will continue to be our core mission and focus going forward”, said Guillaume-Henri Huon, cofounder of Dataform.

We’ve followed Google’s products and successes within analytics closely over the past few years, and always felt that they were a product leader when it came to cloud data warehousing, SQL, and now business intelligence, he added.

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