Thursday, April 18

FAW-Volkswagen Launches E-Commerce Platform to Adapt to the Digital Era

FAW-Volkswagen Automotive CO., a large-sized joint venture car manufacturer in China has announced the launch of its official e-commerce platform. The platform was unveiled in Beijing on Friday, with the aim of meeting the digital demands of its customers.

This online platform will enable the customers to go through, select, buy and even sell cars. It will offer all the accurate and valuable information about the cars to the customers. Also, there will be a smart product recommendation based on big data.

With the help of Tencent Cloud infrastructure and FAW’s own financial risk control model, an online credit system will be used which will allow customers to receive credit approvals and feedback within five minutes.

The company’s general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co Dong Xiuhui stated that the online platform is a major move in adapting to the emerging digital era and assists in the company’s transformation from a traditional automaker into a modern travel solutions provider.

“We have made a series of digital changes in R&D, production and manufacturing,” said Sun Huibin, executive deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen. “The e-commerce platform is a digital upgrade of sales channel.”

Apart from the above-mentioned information, the platform also enables dealers to develop new customer channels. The users will also get marketing material, personalized recommendations for spare parts, maintenance solutions and invitations to exclusive events. Along with this, the company’s online platform will also function as a secondhand car market for both trade and personal sales.

Prior to the platform’s official launch, FAW-Volkswagen trialed it through a special sale of 888 limited edition VW T-Roc SUV models, which sold out within 10 seconds. The VW T-Roc can be personalized in various different ways. There are 11 color options, 36 optional extras and a total of 5,298 different option combinations available. FAW-Volkswagen mentioned that it would take 45 days to deliver the order.

With the start of e-commerce services in China, the company soon may launch its e-services for other countries as well in the future.