Tuesday, November 28

How to Prepare for Online classes in Covid19

During Covid19, Online classes have become the most popular segment and all edtech platforms in the world looking to catch this booming space. But for parents and children, it has become more important to know how to navigate an online environment.

Online courses allow students to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for them.

They can also present unique challenges. Pixr8 News put together some strategies for success to help ensure students get the most value out of their online classes.

Set Goals

Students need to have a passion and drive for their chosen area of study. Remind yourself why you chose this field of study. Passion can help maintain discipline with deadlines. Set realistic attainable goals both long and short term. Goals should be specific and measurable. 

Make A Study Plan

Take time to read the course syllabus, and plan out time for assignments. Be organized and set a realistic amount of time aside for studying, hands-on work, and projects. Utilize tools like a school planner, or Google Calendar. Stick to a study plan, but understand that things may shift as you work your way through the week. Block off time to take screen breaks and have personal time. 

Find a Quiet, Comfortable Learning Space

Devote part of your home to just learning. Experiment with spaces to find what works best for your learning style. Having space where you can feel comfortable and focused will aid your creativity. Customize your workspace to be functional and inspiring. Confirm you have access to the resources you need in your workspace.

Eliminate Distractions

Ensure your work-study area is free of distractions. This could mean putting your phone on silent, turning off the game console, and ensuring there are no outside factors to deter concentration. Find a strategy that works best to eliminate distractions and constantly practice it.


Use Resources Available

Utilizing the networks available to you is a huge help. Learn how to navigate the online learning management system where assignments and activities are found. Familiarize yourself with instructor contact information and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Actively Participate

Professors encourage students to work together in some instances to complete assignments, projects, or discussion topics. Participate in the online forum for your class and engage with classmates. Chances are if you’re struggling with something, another student may be as well. Don’t wait until you feel yourself falling behind to speak up. Be proactive about asking for help.