Sunday, May 26

Hamster Garage acquires YC-backed Swipehouse

CHICAGO, Oct. 12, 2021– Hamster Garage, a leading partnerships and affiliate marketing agency has acquired Swipehouse, an influencer marketplace connecting brands and creators.

Swipehouse allows influencers and brands to seamlessly match and scale marketing campaigns across a network of thousands of vetted influencers with a combined reach of over 1 billion followers and hundreds of companies.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve with rising costs, privacy concerns and a need to diversify channels, brands want to grow their influencer marketing efforts. Initially built as a social app for creators, Swipehouse has a deals feature that allows influencers to apply to promote brands. Brands can receive submissions, approve or deny applicants, message creators, receive and approve creatives and handle payments all through Swipehouse. This enables companies to run campaigns at scale. Both established and challenger brands like Hopper, The Ridge, App Academy and Juni Learning use Swipehouse.

Hamster Garage works with leading global brands like Airbnb, Canva, and Turo, to scale partner programs. With brands increasingly looking to affiliate and partner marketing, Hamster Garage brings innovative partner opportunities like Swipehouse to clients. 

“Our team set out to build the world’s best partnership marketing agency. It’s in the early innings for us, but we know that for us to fulfill this vision, we need to be the world’s top global affiliate agency, but also best at influencer marketing,” said Faique Moqeet, CEO of Hamster Garage.  “Having run many influencer campaigns we immediately recognized that using Swipehouse would save weeks of time. Swipehouse’s social first nature means we can get millions of influencers on the platform, and Hamster Garage’s ability to bring the world’s most loved brands onto the platform is a powerful addition to an already amazing product. We love the idea of creating the world’s largest creator marketplace.” 

“With this acquisition, Hamster Garage can provide scale seldom seen in this space,” said Luke Heine, CEO of Swipehouse. “While multiple entities have approached us to purchase Swipehouse, due to our fast growth and revenue generation, we saw Hamster Garage as a natural fit due to their expansion goals and proven track record. With Hamster Garage trusted by the world’s top companies, we’re excited for Swipehouse to provide a core long-term competitive advantage as they continue to scale.”