Saturday, September 23

Tesla to Build its own Car Carrier Trailers to Boost Deliveries

With an aim to accelerate deliveries, electric car maker Tesla has started manufacturing its own car carrier trailers as stated by CEO Elon Musk.

The company is seeing a production of about 4,000 Model 3 vehicles per week. Also, it is witnessing an increase in delivery volume by a factor of 3-4 in some markets and therefore, logistics is becoming a bottleneck.

“Shortages of railway cargo carriers, trucks, trailers and drivers are already common in the industry, but Tesla’s sudden volume increase highlights the issue even more,” a report stated.

Tesla’s delivery volume is increasing so much this week as the company is looking to end the quarter strong. The company is now facing a problem where they are running out of car carriers. As it is often the case with Tesla, they decided to come up with a solution in-house: they are building their own car carriers.

Along with this, the electric car maker has also announced a door-to-door service named ‘Tesla Direct’ to help in the delivery of Model 3 during rush week.