Sunday, March 3

Huawei threat to national security, US not going to do business with them: Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Saturday said America will not do any business with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

The Trump administration believes that giving access to the state-controlled Huawei on 5G would risk America’s national security. As such the US is not only denying Huawei access inside the country but also is asking other countries to follow suit.

“We’re not going to do business with Huawei. We’re not doing business with them. And I really made the decision,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

“It’s much simpler not to do any business with Huawei. So, we’re not doing business with Huawei. That doesn’t mean we won’t agree to something if and when we make a trade deal, but we’re not going to be doing business with Huawei,” he added.

US Senator Marco Rubio welcomed the new interim rule, which bans the US government agencies from purchasing equipment from Huawei and other specified Chinese companies. This enters into effect on August 13.

The interim rule is pursuant to the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act’s prohibition against the federal government’s procurement of telecommunications equipment, video surveillance equipment, and services of five Chinese companies, including Huawei.

“We must be clear-eyed about the real and long-term risks posed by Huawei and other Chinese state-directed companies. Securing our nation’s telecommunications and critical infrastructure from foreign adversaries is a critical priority for our country and the American people,” Rubio said.

“Beyond fully and faithfully executing the laws passed by the Congress, the Executive Branch must work with Congress to do much more to defend America’s national and economic security from the Chinese government and Communist Party’s threats including keeping Huawei on the Entity List and not watering down enforcement through sweetheart licenses allowing the US tech sector to export to and build up Huawei,” he added.

Senator Rick Scott said it was “good” to see that the administration took further steps to ban business transactions between the US and Huawei.

“Huawei is a national security threat and we must make sure they have no access to the US market,” he said.

Congressman Bradley Byrne applauded Trump for getting tough on China.

“I will always work with President Trump to stand up for American workers and hold China accountable!” he said.