Tuesday, May 21

Microsoft Extends Windows 10 Timeline Support to Android & iOS

Microsoft has shifted its focus on bringing Windows 10 closer to Google’s Android and Apple iOS so that the navigation process from smartphone to Windows PC can become a lot easier. With this vision, Microsoft has announced that it will be extending support for one of the highly anticipated features of Windows 10 called Timeline, to Android and iOS users.


How will Timeline Work for Android and iOS?

  • The timeline will bring a change in the way the user’s go back to their previous activities on PC or smartphone.


  • It will work by displaying all the previous activities visited over the day along with the time at which they were closed, thus, making it a lot easier for users to access their unfinished or previously visited tasks on another Windows PC.


  • It is important to note that Timeline for Android and iOS users will work only on Edge Browser and the browsing sessions will be available for 30 days.


  • iOS users alternatively can rename and move favorites on mobile Edge browser to find it later on the PC.


How to access the Timeline Feature?

  • Users need to enable “Share History” Feature by scrolling through Settings and then navigating to Privacy.


  • Once done, users should be able to access the Timeline feature by opening Task view ( Press Windows Logo+ Tab).


Currently, only the beta version of Edge browser is compatible with Timeline feature for iOS and Android, while in Windows 10 it is available to users who have signed up for Insider Program and have updated to Build 17063. It was expected that the feature will roll out with Spring Creators update early this month, but it has been delayed due to some unknown bugs.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has integrated Cortana with Timeline to facilitate user reminders about unfinished tasks on PC and smartphones that users might want to finish.