Monday, May 27

Instagram will now Allow Users to Share Stories with a Select Group

Photo sharing social media platform Instagram is coming up with the ability for users to share their Stories with a select group of friends. With this, the users can create a list of their close friends and share more personal moments with them. This feature will be available on Instagram’s iOS and Android apps.

The Instagram users can add people to the list by selecting the “Close Friends” option in the pop-over menu on their profile. No one can publicly request to be added to the list and only users can see their list of close friends.

While people who are added to a list will know they’re on it, they won’t be able to know who else is on the list. They also won’t be notified when they are added or removed from the list.

Users can then take a picture or video using the camera option or choose a photo from their phone gallery and select the Close Friends option to share a story to their close friends list.

The company also said that these stories will be marked with a green badge at the bottom to indicate the story is shared with only the users present in the list.