Friday, March 1

How to Gain Back Control of Your Software

When operating a business, it’s not uncommon to have multiple sets of different software and programs to perform a large variety of functions and tasks. This software is great as it can provide you with the tools to work more productively and effectively and even automate tasks.

However, with the large amount of software available to a business, it can be easy to lose control of it all.  Businesses may struggle to keep all their software updated, find it hard to manage their subscriptions, or simply forget on what software key information is stored on.

The larger the business, the more hectic things can become, and when it gets tough, here are a few things to do to help you gain control of your software and manage it better. 

Cloud Governance 

Cloud computing allows computers to store files digitally on separate servers, which allows for these documents to be accessed on multiple devices while also limiting the need to have a dedicated server in the office. As well as these benefits, cloud computing also offers a good solution to better manage your software. 

With cloud governance, users can track and better control their software as it is organized in an efficient way, making it super easy to find what you need. Cloud governance from can help empower users to get the most out of their Microsoft 365 services by providing a clear catalog that’s easy to navigate and ensure that you’re using the right program for the job. 

Cloud governance can also help you stay safe when using multiple programs, as it allows users to create conditional approval metrics to help with dynamic and appropriate oversight. 

Automatic Updates 

A good way to ensure that your software is in optimal condition is to update it regularly – so that it has the most relevant features and UI. It can be hard to keep up with the updates manually, meaning that a lot of businesses are using old and sometimes even obsolete versions of their software. 

To combat this, businesses can set their software to update automatically and even set a specific time for these updates to take place. The best times are overnight when no ones is in the office. Setting automatic updates helps remove the hassle of managing your software and can also ensure that your operations are as effective as they can be. 

Continue with the automation and use cloud governance to make your software perform repetitive tasks automatically, reducing the time needed to fulfill key responsibilities – which allows staff to spend more time on separate projects.

Perform Audits

A good way to keep up to date with your software is to perform an audit, which is a review of how the software is used. Using an audit business can find out how their software is being implemented by being able to see how documents are getting changed and by whom. This makes conducting an audit a great way to manage software that’s used by multiple users at once.