Sunday, July 14

CloudFlare Brings to Android and iOS Devices

US-based Cloudflare is finally bringing to mobile users after announcing its privacy-focused DNS service. Now, the app which is available for both Android and iOS aims to make it easier for anyone to use its free consumer DNS service.

The app is a one-button push to switch on and off again. While using the service, you enable Cloudflare handle all of your DNS information, like when an app on your phone tries to connect to the internet, or you type in the web address of any site.

“We launched to offer consumers everywhere a better choice for fast and private Internet browsing,” said Matthew Prince, Cloudflare chief executive said. “The app makes it even easier for users to unlock fast and encrypted DNS on their phones.”

The service is also blazing fast, shaving valuable seconds off page loading times particularly in parts of the world where things work, well, a little slower. Also, the users can now download the app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.