Saturday, December 9

Amazon Launches a “Lite” Web Browser App for India

E-commerce giant, Amazon has come up with a lite web browser app for India to attract emerging markets which is claimed to be “lighter than competition”.

Called “Internet: fast, lite and private“, the app has been specifically designed to consume less space on devices and comes under 2 MB in size. The app is visible at Google play store but currently downloadable only in selected smartphone brands in India.

The app will offer a private user experience without seeking additional permissions or collect private data like other browsers. Moreover, it also offers inbuilt news and updates on the home page with a private data tab that does not track user’s history at the end of a user session. The app is compatible for download for devices running on Android 5.0 Marshmallow and above.

The listing at playstore for the lite browser shows 100+ installs with only five ratings as of now.

An email feedback on Google play confirms the fact that the app has been built by Amazon India team. This isn’t the first time when a “lite” app has been introduced by the company. The Kindle Lite which is a book reading app is already available at playstore and comes with a handy 2 MB file size.Moreover, it works well with slower internet speed and situations of uncertain data connectivity.

Owing to restrictive availability, it is quite possible that application is still in preliminary development phase and come with an official launch in future. Nonethless, it is bringing in the fact to the forefront that Amazon is actively looking to cross its conventional barriers of e-commerce by building mainstream apps such as this one.