Wednesday, October 4

Amazon Cuts Down The Price Of Its Echo Devices Yet Again

Amazon has brought in a modification in the prices of its echo devices in India namely Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo smart speakers. The prices of both the devices have been pulled down to a great extent.

The Echo Dot is now being sold at a price of Rs 4,099 which was earlier being sold for Rs 4,499 in the market. On the other hand, the Echo is now available at Rs 8,999 which earlier was being sold at a price of Rs 9,999. The Echo has received a price cut of Rs 1,000 while Echo Dot has received a price cut of Rs 400 that has made it the most affordable and reliable Echo device.

This has been the second discount offered to the customers in less than two months of the launch of the product. These devices are perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot and still have a need to own a smart speaker.

Both wireless and hands-free speakers are quite similar, infused with voice assistant named Alexa who assists in carrying out the voice commands. It consists of far-field microphones that easily catches up to one’s commands from anywhere across the room and responds immediately. We can ask Alexa to carry out our requests for playing music, making phone calls, setting reminders, checking weather and even controlling smart home devices like bulbs.

The only difference between these two devices is of the power and appearance. Amazon Echo is more powerful as compared to the Amazon Echo Dot with a 360-degree omnidirectional audio output. Echo Dot, on the other hand, is a smaller speaker.

Amazon has been facing a strong and determined competition with rival Google which sells devices like Google Home and Home Mini, which are available at similar prices as Amazon speakers in India. With both the companies selling similar devices at similar prices, the battle will be quite interesting for the viewers.