Saturday, March 2

After Instagram, Facebook Messenger Eyeing to Launch the Unsend Feature

After Instagram, social networking platform Facebook is prepping up to bring in the feature of ‘unsend’ on its messaging app Facebook Messenger. And thus, soon the feature may be nearing a release.

Initially, Facebook announced that it would be adding the “unsend” feature for everyone in April after it came out that messages CEO Mark Zuckerberg had sent to other users were removed from the users’ inboxes while older messages that those users sent Zuckerberg were still present.

The feature of deleting messages on the messenger was available since long, however, deleting those messages would not delete the message from the recipient’s inbox. Photo sharing app Instagram that is owned by Facebook already has the “unsend” feature that removes the message from both inboxes, even messages from over a year ago.

According to Wong, who has previously found out new Facebook and Instagram features by looking through the apps’ respective code, the Messenger “unsend” button seems to only be available for a set period of time after the user sends the message.