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Pixr8 News provides you an opportunity to showcase your advertisement on our Website. It helps you to establish your brand between our target audience and target metro cities. 

Pixr8 News is an online media platform dedicated to Enterprises, startups, and SMEs. Constructing an invaluable bond between these segments and their targeted customers is what we consider as our primary aim.

Through Pixr8 News ad places, we provide you an exclusive chance to draw as much attention as possible with the help of ads. As an online media, we provide you the peak traffic from the metro and tier 1 cities, it gives you an ultra advantage of gaining benefits from that.


Advertisement with Pixr8:

Pixr8 being a complete digital media platform enables startups to extend their visibility among the intended audience by the means of ads too. Do you want to make sure you remain highlighted throughout the tenure with us? Then don’t worry, we never let down our customer’s expectation even by a single percent.


Why Pixr8?

Since the day of Pixr8 News launch, the team has been working continuously for the readers and clients to deliver one step ahead of expectations, because for us reputation matters the most, that’s why we do what we say and we say what we do!

Types of Ads:

Pixr8 provides 2 types of advertisement place for Advertisers, these are the front advertisement and In article advertisement,



1) Front Advertisement:

The front advertisement will contain three places on the Pixr8 website.  

  1. Banner Ads
  2. 2 Sidebar Ads

Advantage: The ads will be visible on every page including the front page. The spaces we are given here will promote the brand aggressively.

ROI will close to 70 to 80% of the investment.



In Article Advertisement:

The advertisement will place inside the articles which include google top search articles. We have published over 6000+ articles in 3.5 years. And we are now established our self as a very well known News platform.

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