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Xoxo Tours — The Solo Travel App That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

There are not many things which you can’t do with an internet connection in this 21st century. Yes, the internet has definitely taken the world by storm. Who imagined that one day you will be connecting with strangers — the travelers from the far end of the world in an instant and building a friendship by chatting or video calling with them.

Connecting with different people across the globe is one of the coolest things that the internet has made achievable. And people with brilliant minds are taking advantage of it to create possibilities. Xoxo Tours, a social travel app is a great example of it and people have been going crazy over this solo travel app since its launch.

Xoxo Tours Solo Travel App: The Innovative App that Bridges Distance

Xoxo Tours offers an opportunity for like-minded solo travelers from different parts of the world to connect and make plans to travel together. It can be considered as a social networking app for travelers. Travelers can also connect with locals from popular tourist’s destinations to be their travel buddy or travel guide.

What’s more? Xoxo Tours can help you connect with solo travel girls who share the same interests and are smart, outgoing, and may be experienced travelers. It makes Xoxo Tours one of the trendiest social apps among the ones which are out there in the world today.

If you traveling solo or planning to do so but still would like to get a travel buddy in your solitary journey with whom you can explore places and make wonderful memories together, then find travel friends by signing up at Xoxo Tours.

Why Is Everyone Crazy About the Trendy Solo Travel App?

More and more solo travelers are signing up and making travel friends at Xoxo Tours and they have positive things to say about the app. Here is why people are crazy about the app:

  • It is Easy to Navigate and Mobile-Friendly App — Xoxo Tours offers you with an app that is matchless when it comes to user-experience. Starting from the site’s interface to its simple functional features and its ad-free policy, the site stands apart from other social travel apps.

    The site solely focuses on connecting travelers across the globe and nothing more. As long as you are a verified registered member of the site and have paid your membership fees (in the case of male travelers), you can send chat requests and make travel plans with your potential travel mate/s. Girls can use this social travel site for free.

    Since Xoxo Tours provides a mobile-friendly app for its users, you can chat on the go. It surely does make planning trips easier and more convenient.
  • Never Make a Boring or Unfulfilling Trip Again — Whether you chose to travel with a girl or boy, you can be assured that you are going to have a fun-filled or fulfilling trip when you select them on a solo travel site. It is because they have the same travel interests as you and you can chat with them to find out if they are your travel companion or not to make any further travel plans with them.

    In order to ascertain the right partner for you, initially, you can browse the profiles of different travelers or locals available on this site. You will find the users’ About, Interests, Trips, Personal Activities, and Visited Countries which will help you filter out your search.

    In your own city, you may be able to find a solo traveler but being a travel enthusiast might be the only thing that is common between you & him/her. If he/she wants to visit museums and admire the architecture of monuments in a particular city while you want to participate in extreme sports like bungee jumping or rock climbing, both of you tripping together might not just work out.

    With Xoxo Tours, you don’t have to worry about a failed trip as you can visit their blog to find the right tips to travel social or solo including how to select the right travel partner.
  • Plan a Trip with someone who has a Similar Energy and Rhythm — When you travel with someone with the same expectations regarding the trip enthusiasm, it may turn into a nightmare. There are people who prefer to sleep late and are happy with not being on the road. Some people are hyperactive travelers and like being on the road 24×7 especially during a trip.

    Chat and meet your travel buddies at Xoxo Tours with whom you can come to an agreement regarding your trip plan/s including the activities you both are going to do there. A travel partner needs to match your ideas as well as enthusiasm regarding a trip to go on & travel together. Yes, the best scenario is when your travel friend has a similar rhythm with you. It will complement your trip well to further a great trip experience.

    Also, remember that your trip mate and you may not agree on everything. But if you find the right vibe with your travel friend, you should plan to take a trip together & create beautiful travel memories.

    But if seem to be poles apart, then it would be best to find someone else who is a compatible travel partner to travel with you.
  • Make New Friends to Enrich Your Life — One of the main reasons why people use a social travel app is to meet new people on the road while traveling. How refreshing and exciting it would be to break free from your monotonous life and travel the world & interact with people — travelers or locals whom you met on the road? Xoxo Tours offers you that opportunity.

    Also, when you make new friends, you may build a new personality, learn new skills, learn about a new culture, boost your happiness, and reduce stress, to say the least. In short, you become happier while widening your social circle.

    And just in case you need some assistance during the trip, having a local friend who can be helpful will make a big difference, especially when you are in a new city. But yet, the best part is, your travel buddy has the same interests as you and you could possibly become travel friends for a lifetime.
  • Find a Local who knows the Ins and Outs of the City — Do you plan to visit India on your next trip? Chat with locals from India who knows all about the favorite tourists’ spots and even the hidden local places in the country. You have plenty of advantages of touring a city with a local.

    Most likely, you will not miss out on the popular spots and you will be eating the finest cuisine, drinking the finest beer or wine, walking barefoot in the most scenic beaches or dancing in the best night clubs that the place/s has/have to offer.

    Moreover, you can save on expenses too as your local friend might know the shortest route to a particular hotspot and warn you beforehand about tourists’ scams. You are undeniably safer while traveling like/with a local.
  • Meet Local Travel Partners who are Solo — There is nothing wrong in touring a city or place with a travel group. Usually such groups have a leader who acts as a tour guide for the whole group. But one-to-one interaction with a local, to spend time together & may be traveling together can be much more beneficial for your trip. When you chat & meet local singles via Xoxo Tours, you need not worry about any scam as it has 100% verified profiles. You can continue ahead & get yourself a travel partner.

    Moreover, you can make more flexible travel plans with like-minded travelers who are independent, curious, fun-loving, and outgoing as you.
  • Never Run out of Beautiful Places to Visit — Make a bucket list of all the coolest places to visit on earth, you may take assistance by visiting the ‘destinations’ page available on Xoxo Tours site. The site has enlisted plenty of countries as well as cities including Finland, India, Denmark, Poland, Indonesia, and more where you can go, find a local or traveler and trip together. Fulfill your dream of visiting the famous Taj Mahal in India or exploring the breathtaking Rabjerg Mile The sand dune in Denmark with this social travel app.

    You can chat with thousands of travelers visiting or locals belonging to the destination to start making travel plans together. Xoxo Tours is undoubtedly the best place for solo travelers looking for travel companions.
  • Boost Tourism — Xoxo Tours offers a great opportunity to boost the tourism of different countries. It allows travelers in all parts of the world to connect with each other and come to know about places or cities that were otherwise unknown to them. You can plan to explore the city where your trip friend resides and may invite him/her to your city as well. When you book hotels or hire drivers while traveling to a different city/place, you help the local economy via tourism which establishes us as a global economy.
  • Find a Tour Guide — Search travel partner at Xoxo Tours to be your tour guide and connect with him/her just as a professional as per your requirements. A local tour guide takes pride in their attractions so you will receive the most relevant and updated information. Questions to the best time to visit a certain part of a country or when to expect the least crowd or the best weather to visit can all be answered by a localite.

    And at times, even the most independent travelers find it difficult or even impossible to accomplish certain tasks without the help of local guides. It can be activities which you cannot or don’t want to do by yourself such as navigating through a remote place which may require the right knowledge as well as may need know-how of the local language.

    A tour guide can also help you buy souvenirs to take home from local shops where language may pose a barrier. By having a tour guide, you can have a seamless touring experience.
  • Lower the Expenses — One of the best things about having a partner when you travel is that you can save on travel expenses. You can share the expense on cab fares, meals, accommodation, private tours, and everything else. Even better, if your friend is a local, as you will be warned beforehand about tourists’ scams and you won’t be falling for any of them.

    If you are traveling on a budget, your local travel friend can share knowledge about the cheapest hotels in the area and guide you to take the cheapest means of transport available. He/she can also take you to shops where there are discounts or gift shops where you can buy souvenirs to take home at a more affordable price. And of course, your friend will come very handy when you have to bargain with a shopkeeper while shopping.

    Chat with travel friends from the location of your choice at Xoxo Tours and enjoy the multifarious benefits it provides.
  • Safety First — Safety of the travelers is the main concern when it comes to Xoxo Tours. Thus, only verified travelers and locals are allowed to get registered and use the platform. Safety measures that are taken such as photo ID and mobile number verification ensure that you are chatting with a genuine person on the site. There is very less to zero chances of getting scammed by the travel mate you choose.
  • Great Customer Support — The FAQ section is often enough to answer the queries that a traveler or a local who uses the site might have. But if your queries are not answered by the FAQ, you can always contact the helpful and knowledgeable customer support team through email/chat to find answers.

Does traveling top your to-do list this year? Consider finding a travel companion or a local from the place you wish to visit by signing up at Xoxo Tours, the trendiest solo travel app. It is an app used by thousands of enthusiastic travelers like you around the globe. You don’t have to worry about the newness, distance or remoteness of the country you desire to tour. With a local travel buddy as your guide or a passionate like-minded traveler as your companion, you can easily face all the challenges that you face on the road. Moreover, you can meet new people and make friends for life who really knows you and gets you. After all, they say you don’t really know someone until you travel with them. 

Sign up at today to meet your travel buddy.

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