Tuesday, November 28

How Wittyfeed, a 100% Bootstraped Company Makes a 10,000 Sq ft Swanky Office

With more than 400 million page views and 100 million unique readers every month we happen to be talking about world’s second largest viral content company– WittyFeed. Wittyfeed has grown huge only a span of 1.5 years and all of this is huge because of a great team, acclaimed Vinay Singhal, Co-founder, CEO of Wittyfeed.


Their numbers speak for themselves and so does this huge office they will be conquered on the 26th of May. Yes, in every startup journey there comes a point where they expand. But it usually is a result of a huge round of funding. But not in the case of Wittyfeed. They are 100% bootstrapped till date and this is giving a lot of its competitors sleepless nights.


Their journey of 3 Co-founders from a hostel dormitory with one idea to change the world now has let them touch lives of millions of people all across the globe. Operating from a two-tier city of India, they are serving the world. After one and a half year of their splendid journey, Wittyfeed’s new headquarters is 5 times bigger and million times mightier.


A lot of esteemed guests were there to witness the grandeur inaugural function. Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal, and Shashank Vaishnav, also happen to be the strongest supporters of Indore startup ecosystem and henceforth Indore startup community was present in all numbers to write a new chapter of this online charticle platform that has transformed every life it has ever touched.


The inaugural ceremony began with an om chant that is particularly peculiar about Vatsana’s refreshing morning stand-up. More than 200 people graced to the occasion. “It’s not me, or Shashank or Parveen who made this office possible, it is the people”, began Vinay Singhal with his address speech.


“We are a part of a greater good, whatever we think of comes true because we work for it day and night and we work with true passion”, said Mr. Shashank. They gave away Kiya employee awards to 11 of the best employees who have been very important to this roller coaster ride. The ceremony ended with very loud roars of the team lead by Parveen Singhal on a very famous Rocky slogan, “Who am I?”, “I am a champion”.

When you enter the city watch, that is the reception area of the office, you might want to get your GoT fan on the edge. Because when the receptionist might ask you to wait in the red dragon, or when she would ask you to use Khaleesi’s when you ask for the loo. Because game changers have to fierce and fiery and so they are, as awesome as they sound.


There is a piece of sky for everyone here. For those who find inspiration looking at a night view, from the 9th floor of a humble building in the middle of town can come here for more. For those who seek the comfort of a bean bag for ideas to follow can sit in the informal places to be full.

For those who find comfort in the smell of a finely brewed coffee, can do you all sorts of good. Find yourself in the arms of one of the finest startup offices in the country when you enter Wittyfeed. The wall of fame, the wall of avengers and the wall where Steve Jobs, Elon musk and people who inspire reside- such magnificent space reflects the culture of the Vatsana and subtly explains why Wittyfeed is as awesome as it is.