Uganda to US and Fiji to France: UniversalHunt Story Without Funding

Uganda to US and Fiji to France: UniversalHunt Story Without Funding

All of us dream of a lifestyle that is absolutely customised for us, lets us exploit our talent to the hilt and meet our aspirations.

Most of very renowned platform including LinkedIn trying to do so but failed to solve the real professional network problem. But a company, running from last 8 years solved it with higher customer satisfaction rate without having large investment and big names in its portfolio, “Universalhunt.com”.

“Universalhunt.com is a networking cum talent showcasing portal that provides a common platform with advanced automated searchable database – it enables its members to share talent, experiences, list their offerings and share ideas – a single platform permitting unlimited interconnectivity and sharing. Universalhunt.com overcomes inefficiency from global talent hunt by creating great opportunities by extensive networking. This enables a talented person in one country to find greater demand and appreciation in another.”

The expanse of interests of Universal Hunt Pvt Ltd, the company behind Universalhunt.com, stretches from Uganda to US and Fiji to France covering many other countries in between.

They cater for requirements across sectors, from construction to oil and gas to information technology to hospitals – nothing is off limits for Universal Hunt. They meet a multitude of requirements from close to 78 major and niche sectors and industries. A decade of their background, expertise and specialist skills have now distilled into a distinct online venture – Universalhunt.com.




How Universalhunt.com Works

Universalhunt.com is a platform where professionals can network all over the world. It is a great stage to connect with not only potential clients or business associates but also customers, investors, employers, employees, mentors etc.

It all starts with creating the right profile. A profile is a unique identity for any professional activity on this platform. It must be detailed & accurate and should be updated from time to time as per requirement. The information provided will become a parameter for evaluation. One can express themselves better personal picture, background picture, video profiling etc. With the help of Universalhunt, the created profile can be shared with other social media contacts instantly. You are also provided an option to convert your profile to PDF using multiple design options.

Once a good profile is created you can move on to searching and connecting with global professionals across all levels and sectors. The highly advanced search parameter makes it easy to find people as per the requirements across countries, industries, sectors, companies etc. The refined search system of this platform gives accurate results.

Universalhunt also provides unique tools like instant chat, network suggestion, meeting app with member locator etc. for better approach methodology. Everything combined provides enhanced engagement and purposeful communication.

You can, therefore, begin to look for good opportunities, discover new career prospects, business deals, potential clients and partners etc.

This application puts forward a unique way to search and apply for jobs with great ease. The advanced search filters and other refined parameters make it all the more interesting to find the desired job. With the help of available tools, one can find a job matching their profile. It also makes it easy to track all applications and stages of the interview. Universalhunt helps to explore job opportunities across sectors and industries all over the world.

Universalhunt is also a Global Business Platform where one can buy & supply goods and services. It boasts of being one of the largest product/service directory. It helps you get business leads by connecting buyers and suppliers instantly. One of the main features is that you can convert your product/service page automatically into a website from available option of domains. Every product page belongs to a member like you whose detailed profile is available to evaluate authenticity. This promoted trust among the trade community.

Another center of the forum is knowledge. With the help of universalhunt, one can follow their mentors and role models to gain inspirations. A large archive of category/topic wise articles is available to help you think beyond bounds. These articles are written or shared by members. You too can promote your profile, product/service etc. by expressing yourself with the help of interesting articles.

Universalhunt is a platform where you can multitask. It seamlessly brings global professionals from across countries, industries, sectors, companies etc. to one place, connects the ones with similar requirements and creates a forum to explore new opportunities.


Out of the Box Features

  • At times, the voice and face may not be what was expected by the prospective employer or business associate. Such issues are resolved by permitting the uploading of a video profile. The video profile is a guided one with relevant questions provided and works as a one-way conversation. The video profile ensures that you are presented to the world as a holistic package with all your skills, looks, speaking style, personality accentuated and enhances your overall acceptability.”
  • Universalhunt.com’s unique feature of “Offerings – Products & Services” proves to be a boon for self-employed professionals, business owners and professionals looking after business development. It is extremely useful for professionals such as content writers, painters, poets etc who are not looking for a full-time job but looking to get part-time work, maybe for free evenings. They can even highlight and promote the projects that they have completed, getting good publicity. Currently, this section is a lead generation tool for business development. Universal Hunt is also mulling over the idea of real-time transactions beyond contact sharing.
  • Company Review section allows professionals to know more about companies before they get into any professional association with the company as a vendor or employee or may even associate with other employees from that company at a personal level. There are companies that like to publicize themselves and their products – for the overall benefit of potential as well as existing stakeholders.
  • Universalhunt.com is for all professionals to join in, network, and attain a higher professional enhancement across sectors, industries and borders. It could also act as a strong hiring tool for recruitment industry due to the availability of active as well as passive job seekers in the form of professionals from all over the world.
  • Universsalhunt has a separate section on events whereby you can participate into as well as publish an upcoming event with event details. Interested participants can express their interest in advance and contact you. It allows you to plan for your event in advance as well as know your audience. It’s a platform which allows you to go beyond virtual networking and allows you to meet your contacts in person.

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Universal Hunt App

The Universalhunt.com app has several useful tools.

An interesting tool under development is real time plotting members present near your current location. This leads to opportunities for meeting them face to face if you are in proximity, greatly assists the establishment of physical connections and leads to what is known as professional dating. All this helps in better networking, profitable use of time and greater efficiency.

They have a section for managing events. This contains links to forthcoming events that you can get updated on and register your attendance if you are interested. This makes it easier to select and attend events and as an event organiser, it provides focused publicity. Universal Hunt plant to take this section to next level of selling event tickets online.

The endeavour to develop many such innovative tools is perpetually on.


Going Online With Universalhunt.com Yields Several Key Advantages

Generic data has limitations and is passé. In Universalhunt.com, data is divided as per speciality based on multiple parameters like industry, function, professional details, personal attributes, skill sets, offerings, physical attributes and many more to come out with most refined results.

Their databank is comprehensive and contains details to a depth that was earlier unimaginable. They understand that in many specific professions, physical aspects are also required. One can search for people based on abstract requirements such as hair colour or eye colour. This may seem strange at first but is of immense value to an eye care company or a cosmetic company, which may have a specific requirement for such people to model for specific products. Hence, the process of refinement of the database is very rewarding for all parties concerned.

Universalhunt.com gives highly customised solutions, that are not based merely on the size of the business, but take into account several tangible and intangible aspects of the location, type of skill required etc. For example, in Africa, owners and promoters handle recruitment themselves, whereas, in the Middle East, there are established HR or Recruitment cells and talent departments that do so. Hence, the kind of personalised support provided in Africa is more intimate than that in the Middle East. They also have an IT department of Universalhunt.com steps in to give expert solutions in case companies have the less functional presence of the web.


About Founder


Harshit universalhuntHarshit had an early start to his entrepreneurial journey with the inception of Universal Hunt as a brand in October 2007. He describes himself as a techno-commercial with a strong background of Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance. He quit his other job in 2007 and plunged into entrepreneurship. He started Universal Hunt Pvt Ltd with just 13 members.


The success story has moved onto a mini-conglomerate of four offline companies with a team of 350 consultants and 6000 clients across 80 countries. The four smaller companies were created so that each niche sector and the location could be given focused attention and customised solutions. Overall, the clients are not force fed with one size fits all solutions and that is the USP of the thought process of Universal Hunt as a brand.

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