Friday, June 21

Atomberg – A fan made by IIT-Bombay Alumni Selling 2000 Fans Monthly, Tie-up With Tata Powers

Atomberg Technologies, a Mumbai based fan manufacturing startup launched by IIT-Bombay alumni, has created an innovative and highly energy efficient fan called “Gorilla Fans”.

Gorilla Fans are based on the state-of-the-art Brushless DC technology that is more energy efficient than even the five-star ceiling fans available in the market. The Gorilla Fans consume just 28 watts of energy, even when operated at their highest speed.

Multi-award winning startup Atomberg started manufacturing these fans back in November 2015, and within six months, their sales reached 1,000 fans per month and currently, the company is selling 12,000 fans per month, with a capacity to produce 30,000 fans per month.

The Gorilla Fans are one of the highest rated and reviewed products on e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart with online sales of around 2,000 fans per month. The total sales of these Gorilla Fans through e-commerce has been around 20,000 fans.

Recently, Atomberg innovated a new distribution channel wherein they tied-up with Tata Power to provide the Gorilla Fans to the customers in Mumbai at a subsidized price under the Demand-Side Management (DSM) scheme. Tata Power has initiated many programmes to promote energy efficiency at consumer premises and this scheme is approved by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC). The main objective of this programme is to reduce energy consumption by providing energy-efficient products to people at subsidized rates.

Gorilla Fan made by Atomberg

“Under Tata Power Demand-Side Management [DSM] programme, we motivate customers to give up energy-guzzling appliances. Gorilla fans provide huge energy savings,” says Shekhar Khadilkar, head DSM & power management, Tata Power, Mumbai distribution.

Commenting on Gorilla Fans, Mr. Ashok Sethi, COO and Executive Director, Tata Power, said, “Energy management and conservation are more important today than ever before, and innovative technologies like the BLDC technology can be a game changer for it.”

Ever since the tie-up, Atomberg has sold more than 7,000 fans through the Demand-Side Management programme in Mumbai, thereby winning the trust of B2C clients as well. These fans have a smart remote control, which has speed control, sleep, and timer mode. If you’re a residential consumer, you’ll be eligible to procure four fans for just Rs. 1,750, against Rs. 3,500, which is the market price, as the additional cost will be supported by the DSM scheme.

Fan Manufacturing plant

The products will be home delivered to the consumers who register for the program. The consumers would also get a three-year warranty on these Gorilla Fans delivered through the DSM scheme. Other than TATA, Atomberg has also tied-up with Reliance under a similar scheme to distribute efficient fans at an effective price in Mumbai.

How can you buy these fans under the subsidy scheme?

  • To be a part of this programme and avail the benefits of this scheme, consumers can register themselves at the online portal or call at the 24X7 call center of their utility – Reliance or TATA.
  • Once you register yourself with either of the utilities, they send a list of registered customers along with your details to Atomberg.
  • Atomberg then arranges for the home delivery of your fans at rates, which are more cost-effective than market rates.