Why So Sad Kunal Shah?

Why So Sad Kunal Shah?

(Editor Note: The article we published here is fully focused on Kunal Shah recent activities on social media and his event speech. )

On 9th Feb 2016, the 10th India Digital Summit was organized in Delhi by IAMAI. This Summit was special for two reasons-

  • Kunal Shah opening speech as an IAMAI chairman.
  • First time Govt. officials and representative were also taking part.

When we received a mail from IAMAI, we were very excited because this is the first time Pixr8 team going to meet eminent personalities in internet world including Kunal shah, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Rajan Anandan & Jayant Sinha (MoS, Finance).

On the event day, We present at the venue before 30 minutes prior to the start. The atmosphere looks very positive and energetic. The main hall was crowded but we managed to find a seat by chance and got a good opportunity to take photos as well. Though the event started 15 mins late, the speech made up for it!

Time 10:15 AM- Kunal Shah invited on stage with a huge round of applause. Kunal said his first line – This is a first time an IAMAI chairman giving his speech in Jeans and t-shirt (Bang on).

Time 10:20 AM- Kunal Shah started talking about Govt. officials especially PM participation in “Startup India” event. He also shared some light moments over social media, “How an entrepreneur thanked Mr. Modi Ji, because of him their parents got to know about startup world.”




Time 10:30 AM-  Suddenly a little twist in Kunal Shah speech, he was in full firing mode. He criticized and said some hard hitting facts about Indian startups.




Some more which I have not mentioned in tweets are,

Kunal believes that the startup problems can only be solved by technology, something that is missing in the country. He suggested setting Redbus, Freecharge & InMobi as examples of successful startups in terms of technological advancements. “The whole World connecting so fast using technology that a new technology can only be survived for 3-4 years,” he added in the speech.

However, Kunal shah admits that his speech is negative but he clearly conveyed what he wanted to. At last, he thanked audience, startups for coming and building networks.


Pixr8 takes on Kunal Shah-  

Kunal started his company without having any knowledge of coding, built a team and sold it for $400 million. As he said, he never goes for funding. Vc’s approached him. – He is looking for such examples.

The youth of India is running behind funding and ‘Most of the Startups are shutting down’. Running behind money is resulting in startups losing focus on innovation. They are not solving real problems. 


Through IAMAI wish to do events that are more substance and high impact versus the current “Entrepreneur Darshan” format…

Posted by Kunal Shah on Sunday, February 7, 2016


As he mentioned in his facebook posts, he also not liking the current format of events, where 4-5 startup celebrities only sharing Gyan. Kunal is quite correct in this because we have not seen many benefits “apart from networking and card exchange process”.

Last but not the least, Kunal there are n number of innovative startups in India. They focus more on their product and sales rather than visiting events and goes after funding. As you said, you spent your weekend with the IITian’s. Kindly invite other college students and startups to have a group chat. It will help other to understand about startup environment more and might be they can innovate something beyond our imagination.

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