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Roommatch- The Perfect Place to find Roommate and Room in US

Los Angeles, CA, Sept 23rd, 2020: With every single thing going online these days, how would you feel if we say you can even find roommates for yourself on the internet while getting great potential matches? Let’s face it, finding the right roommate is a big deal in US. And all kinds of important factors have to be kept in mind when you’re looking for someone to share a home with including rent cost. After all, if you can find dating partners on a designated website, why not try to find a roommate through one too?  

Thankfully, the existence of roommatch website can help you find the perfect or at least close enough roommate in US cities. The platform was launched on 1 November 2011, with the objective of making the finest room and roommate finder.

The website helps residents find their best possible roommates in a well-planned and structured way. It covers all the basics of roommate hunting whether the client is searching for a roommate or if he wants to rent an extra room.

The platform is 100 percent secure and free means to connect with people and chat with potential roommates until they feel comfortable sharing their personal information like their phone number or email.

Moving on the process, someone who is looking to rent a room has to first register on the website, following which he is taken to a window where he/she is required to complete a quiz. The quiz basically asks questions about their preferences and lifestyle, so as to understand preferences better. After a satisfactory property is shortlisted, the server also gives suggestions pertaining to potential roommates, while showcasing a brief outline of their personality along with their photographs and details of the area they want to live in, their budget, and when they are looking to move.

The website also considers various components at the time of matching roommates, which includes budget, pets, occupation, and lifestyle, among others. This further helps in cutting out all the time-consuming screening processes related to the assessment of multiple matches. 

The service is totally free of cost, without having to make any payments or sharing credit card details. People who are registered on the website automatically get notified about good matches. This serves as a valuable time-saving device for busy people looking for a room or roommates while working full time.

They also provide rooms in apartments and houses to help people find a place to rent or lease. The system is specially designed to reduce roommate conflicts, keeping in mind all your needs and preferences, including political and religious factors. The best part is that the users have full control over who they are contacting. We cannot deny that looking for a tenant or even being a tenant can be very hectic, so instead of examining the end number of unwanted notifications, a user can easily control who contacts him/her. This can be done by personalizing communication preferences on the website. As a result, your search is made faster, safer and hassle-free by shrinking your choices to only the best matches. 

The service is available in one of the busiest and posh regions across the US that includes the newly added place “Los Angeles”, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco – Bay Area, Atlanta, Miami, Boston and Fort Lauderdale.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, California (United States), the company is likely to expand its services to other countries as well.

The founders Mike Whitefield and Uday Adhikari have made all the efforts to build up the company to an extent where people go through no difficulties in finding roommates, which in the real world is a big task.

RoomMatch creates a supply chain of prospects that have not yet been created by traditional lead generation services. It leverages pre-existing social connections from Facebook and other social media platforms to connect users based on the number of common friends and interests.

Gone are the days of blindly showing up at someone’s place or finding a classified advertisement in the newspaper just to find a roommate for yourself! If you’re looking for the ideal roommate, check out right away.