Now You Can Call Darji (Tailor Master) at Home

Now You Can Call Darji (Tailor Master) at Home

“Fashion is about good energy. It’s about feelings. That’s what I have to give the people, good energy and good feelings.” – Adriana Lima

With the same passion for fashion and knowledge of the art of tailoring, Reshapeattire was brought into existence.

There is a huge market for us to buy new clothing online but none to reshape or resize our existing clothes. After closely analysing the market, the founder figured out that this need of the consumers was yet to be catered. Hence, the founder came up with Reshapeattire.

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“I had noticed it among my friends & acquaintances that clothes got thrown quite often because of fluctuating body weight. I found it odd there was nothing in the market where we could ‘fix-up that old jeans’ or ‘resize that old Kurta’. This how I got the idea for my own start-up.”

Deepika Yadav started Reshapeattire with a vision to bring together the Boutique industry under one roof – Online. The Unique Selling Proposition of the company shouts out their main aim and purpose –  “One Solution to All Your Tailoring Needs”.

The journey of ReshapeAttire started in November 2015 and Deepika alone took it upon herself to make it a success. Initially, orders for only resizing and reshaping were taken. Within a few weeks, the founder began receiving good response from the consumers. In about a time span of just four months, the company started to receive approximately 100 orders per month. “I was overwhelmed by the response. This motivated me to further expand.” Says Deepika. And therefore, ReshapeAttire started taking up full-fledged stitching orders.



It begins with choosing from a wide range of services offered by ReshapeAttire and placing the order online. After this, a tailor will arrive at your doorstep. Since all tailors are experienced and personally approved by Deepika, it is ensured that measurement is perfect and to the liking of the consumer.

Each material is individually hand-cut, stitched and finished by professional tailors and is delivered to your doorstep within a time span of seven days.

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Payment can be made after your outfit has been delivered. Currently, orders can be made through their website – www.reshapeattire.com. In the near future, the consumer can also order via the company’s app which will soon be launched.



A wide range of services offered for men and women. They include alteration as well as stitching services. From Gowns, Anarkalis to Blouse and Simple Suits, RA offers all sorts of services for women. Whereas for Men there is Stitching of Suits, Shirts, Trousers etc. along with alteration services.

reshapeattire services for mens

reshapeattire services for mens

reshapeattire services for women

reshapeattire services for womens


Presently operating in Gurgaon and some parts of Delhi, ReshapeAttire plans to spread out its services in other metros as a part of their expansion strategy. Besides expanding their outreach, RA also plans to add some new services for their customers which include an extension of the Men’s section. The customers will also see an addition of a new Kid’s section.
As of now RA is fully funded by the founder herself but Deepika plans to start connecting with the Investor Community soon.

Deepika remains very thankful to her customers. She says “Not only have they been loyal, they also been helpful and understanding. Because of this, I didn’t have to face any challenges. Operations of ReshapeAttire began and continues to proceed smoothly.”

RA promises to provide the consumers all of the tailoring services at your doorstep without compromising on the quality of the work. The services are available at competitive and economical prices. “I want to make RA India’s largest tailoring service. I want to connect all the offline boutiques and take them online so as to increases the customer base.” Express Deepika

Deepika finally adds “Our services are dependent on word of mouth. Most of our customers come through references. This makes us strive for excellence. We do not want let our customers down & so we make sure that we provide them with the best quality services from highly experienced and trained Tailors.”

For more visit: http://www.reshapeattire.com/

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