Media is Not Foolish Mr. Rahul Yadav, Mind Your Own Business

Media is Not Foolish Mr. Rahul Yadav, Mind Your Own Business

“Rahul Yadav” a name which does not require any kind of introduction. From last 6 to 7 months, this name is promoted by the person himself through his own activities on social media and in media. Why?


Let’s start from the beginning,

1) Rahul Yadav is an IItian who left IITB in his last year. He started Housing.com with his 11 IITian friends and raised million dollar funding from Softbank & others. The Company was running smoothly, until one day he wrote an open letter to Mr. Shailendra Singh from Sequoia Capital warning him to stop activities against him. The “Rahul Saga” starts from here but the question is why open this letter to media?

Ok let me guess might be someone else did this but if Rahul Yadav did it then why?


2) During leaving Hosuing.com, he makes fun of media and the best thing is he mark every housing employee in the mail. IS he dumb  or a clever guy who knows very well that someone could send this mail to media?


After this incident, Medinama has suspended the coverage of Rahul Yadav and housing.com.


3) After resigning from housing, we all expected that now he will make 100x better product but apart from showing his new idea and about the platform he starts 100x updates on facebook. He posted various content of virtual reality from last 6 to 7 months but not a single time he posted any picture of his product, team, platform. Just go through his profile and also talk to his colleague about the project.


4) After few months of updates he posted again on social media that things are not working out, should I make for the enterprise? Rahul if the government is not ready then why you have not done pre-research? If you can discuss this thing to any government officer before launching, he can give you some inputs.

5) Rahul Yadav, if media is wrong then clear the things. Show us some pictures or video of your product working? Don’t be so possessive. The problem is when media starts praising you, you enjoyed it but when we do reverse things you start blaming like you did yesterday.

One last thing we are not a technology based platform like yours but we know how to show the real picture of startup world without having big funding and IIT tag.

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