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A Social Platform To Find Gentleman’s in Games

How many times it has happened to you that you make a plan of playing some sport, be it cricket or football or planning to go for a bicycle ride with some of your buddies, make a team and just as you all become psyched about it, some of the players back out! It breaks heart!

This is a persistent problem that probably every one of us has faced quite a lot. Bringing a solution to such problem, Pixr8 brings you the story of one such startup that goes by the name JumpSum-The Sports Match Maker”.

jumpsum app
jumpsum app



Jumpsum is a social platform dedicated to sports & fitness designed to connect enthusiasts from all across India, giving them a chance to connect with users of common interest. If you are looking for a cycling partner, Jumpsum will help you find one. If you are looking for a yoga trainer, you will find it on Jumpsum. If you are looking to join a football or cricket team, Jumpsum will get you there.

Jumpsum further allows a user to create or join sports & fitness activities in their city. Be it a gully cricket match or a zumba session or a corporate football tournament, all of it can be scheduled & organized through Jumpsum making sure your activities are fun with users joining you from across the city. Furthermore, with Jumpsum’s Sports Hub one gets to know where his or her connected buddies are playing or working out, inspiring them to join them too.

“Looking for a Gym? Looking for a turf? Looking for a Cricket ground? Looking for a Dance Studio? Well you can find it all on Jumpsum and even get to know about events & offers for these Sport Centers.”-said Mr. Nirmal, founder CEO of JumpSum.


Why the name “JumpSum”?

The meaning of JumpSum is an app that will provide a Jump, as in energy, enthusiasm and happiness. The app allows to do several sports and fitness activities and hence is the “sum”. Hence the name JumpSum.

The Origin Of Idea

The idea basically came up in January 2015, when we realized the difficulty in finding proper number of players for our sports or fitness activities. I am fond of cricket and the other Co-founder Punit Bhuptani plays football. So often, we were unable to find enough players even for a net practice! Besides having a WhatsApp group of 26 people for playing football, Punit was unable to get even 10 people to play a game!

Hence realizing the problem, we decided to make something, where people could meet other people around them with similar interests; which should enable them to schedule and organize activities in a more meaningful and seamless manner!

“Further it was not easy to find out about activities & offers for Turfs, Gym, Clubs, Fitness Studios, Dance Studios & Instructors. So we created Find a Sport Centre module allowing easy discovery of these centres or sports shops” said Mr. Nirmal.

Timeline:The app design & development of JumpSum started in June 2015 and the app was launched in April 2016 on Google Play Store. Since the launch, the app has gone viral, with around 800+ downloads till now!


The USP of the app:

  • Connect users & trainers having similar sports & fitness interest.
  • Create a database of professional sports players across India.
  • Allow users to Join or Create Sports & Fitness Activities.
  • Gyms, Turfs, Grounds, Fitness Studios & Dance Studios get to reach an interested audience of sports & fitness enthusiast and give them information about offers & events happening at their respective locations. They get their own dashboard which dynamically allows them to control their profiles on the app and reach existing & potential customers instantly. This allows the sports centres to achieve virality as well as lead to brand building.


The Journey

The journey started with a vision of solving a problem which hindered people from enjoying their favourite sports & fitness activity. The vision turned to excitement as the project started with designing the app. This led to the development stage where major technological hurdles had to be overcome.

Finally, the app was launched after months of sleepless nights, which now leads us to a stage of building a team along with marketing the idea and the product. “We would say the Journey has just started”


Targeted Users and Customers

  • Anyone who is into sports or fitness, be it professionally or for recreation.
  • Trainers & Coaches.
  • Sports Centres such as Gyms, Fitness Studios, Turfs, Grounds & Dance Studios
  • Sport & Fitness Shops



jumpsum team
jumpsum team

Nirmal Gandhi: The Co-founder and CEO of JumpSum. Holds a master’s degree in Textile industry, from the University of Manchester and owns a textile business in India. His passion for sports and fitness & the vision to reach out to millions of sports & fitness enthusiast like never before led to the design & development of JumpSum.

Punit Bhuptani: The Co-founder and Head of Marketing of JumpSum. Having done his Bachelor’s from the NM College, Punit loves marketing & networking which led him to join hands with Nirmal in this journey to promote sports & fitness in India.


Current Competitors

This is the one of its kind of Social Platform dedicated to Sports & Fitness!

Some of the indirect competitors of Jumpsum are Fitternity, Fitso & Urbanclap.


The Final Message

It’s simple, if you have to do something, do it! You don’t need too much of advice!” –Nirmal Gandhi