How Salezshark Plays Cupid Between a Sales Rep And His Client

How Salezshark Plays Cupid Between a Sales Rep And His Client

Technology today is moving at a very fast pace and sales teams of various businesses can no longer just depend upon the traditional objectives of managing sales operations and reporting. In any organization sales team plays a crucial role and are responsible for not only connecting with new clients but also retaining them.

The Industry is cluttered with multiple CRM platforms offering a wide range of services in sales automation but nothing concrete when it comes to building a strong relationship with prospective clients.

Salezshark was born out of a strong need to fill this prevalent gap in the CRM landscape. The platform is specifically aimed at redefining the sales approach for SMB’s helping them connect with prospects in a better way while efficiently managing their daily tasks, meeting and activities.

Talking about how the inception of the idea began, Ajay Chauhan, Founder of Salezshark says” For the longest time, sales professionals have felt a lack of effective tools to help them enhance their sales. This fact caught my attention and then I decided to build a product, with a vision to disrupt the CRM space and bring something new for sales professionals to rely on.”

Salezshark’s vision is to equip businesses with an interactive tool which not only helps them achieve higher sales targets but also helps nurture relationships by helping them comprehend their clients’ needs better.


How do they manage to do this?

Salezshark offers a Relationship Cloud which builds an intelligent web of relationship network. This network is responsible for tracking down a customer’s likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies and many more traits. It then collates this information and shares a comprehensive set of data to businesses which help them understand their customers and strike a match with the right target audience. This helps businesses optimize returns as well as save costs on blind marketing.

Apart from this, marketing automation on the platform also helps businesses to efficiently set up and track email marketing and social campaigns as well as measure their success rates. The contextual intelligence plugin gives sales professionals meaningful insights to have a relevant conversation as well as never let an opportunity miss.

This USP of Salezshark helps and motivates sales professionals to understand the needs of their customers, eventually leading to higher number of won deals. The platform is a boon for sales professionals who believe in multiple sales rather than multiple efforts and SMB’s who want to grow, expand and shorten the customer acquisition turnaround time.

Founded in 2014 in Virginia, Salezshark has now forayed in the Indian market and has already bagged 75 clients in 7 months. It is transforming the mundane CRM space with latest technology solutions and paving the way for a more evolved and exciting future.

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