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These Two Young Guns Desire To Make Plastic Free Lucknow in Just Rs 2

The synthesis of plastic was the polymer revolution remarked as a marked milestone for the modern industrial revolution. Almost 42% objects we use today in our daily life are composed of plastic.

Plastic is an organic product though, but it has been a biodegradable curse on our ecosystem for long. We have been studying about the negative effects of the plastic bags on our ecosystem ever since the Environmental education was introduced in the school curriculum, but nothing substantial has been done about it. Plastic was made to be everlasting, as a polymer that would pass the test of time, but little was known that it will become a non-biodegradable curse on our ecosystem.

The usage and then consumption of the plastic bag became so excessive that the government decided to impose heavy duties on the shopping bags offered in the supermarkets. Not just in India, but across the world the plastic bag usage is heavily cut-down, but that was hardly evident in the daily life basis.

It takes about a hundred years for a plastic bag to decompose, and so far, it has been estimated that every piece of plastic that has ever been created is still in existence today. It hasn’t decomposed yet. Even the so-called RECYCLABLE PLASTICS, BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC have the similar impact as a FAT-FREE oil, CALORIE-FREE Mc Donald’s meal, they sound like a perfectly viable solution to the existing solution, except that they are not.

An idea to reduce the usage of plastic bags was incepted 2 years ago, but became fully function on February, 2016. Adarsh Mohan Dixit, a start-up enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur has had the urge to do something about the increasing usage of the plastic, and decided to act on the raging problem. There have always been solution to the problem of plastic bags, simply to use the jute bags, gunny bags or paper bags…but that couldn’t happen anymore.

It was a challenge to replace the plastic bags and come up with an alternative media which was as easily and readily available as the plastic bags were. Plastic bags have been cheaper and readily available everywhere, from the grocery hawker to the superstores, it can be found everywhere. Moreover the production cost for synthesizing an alternative media such as GREECO BAG’s production rates have been so high that there was need to subsidize the retail price of the bag.

For the same, the GRECO bags came up with an inventive solution to associate with sponsors and advertisers for the bags, and came up with a GREECO bag which can not only serve as an alternative media for the paper bag but also became a marketing and advertising medium for the Big corporates and small businesses. It wasn’t as easy for a start-up with no track record working in a fresh industry to tie-up with the Ivy-league corporates or the government bodies, but the faith in the idea, Clean India mission (Swacch Bharat Mission) and the Green India initiative helped GREECO gain the support and recognition form the government and the corporate alike and now GREECO is fulfilling its new-found mission to complete eliminate Plastic bags from the global equation.

The Idea has gained a public support and a mass popularity in Lucknow, U.P. where they have established the head office, run by Swithen Thomas (Co-Founder), Vaibhav gupta (Co-Founder) and GREECO is looking for a grand launch in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The expansion plan of GREECO is to completely eliminate the usage of plastic bags in the common household and introduce GREECO as an alternative media.

The GREECO idea developed into a symbiosis combining advertising and mass media marketing with an ecological project, thus becoming a niche product in an untapped industry with a huge potential.

With the plastics being ejected into space for the global concerns, GREECO seems to be a crucial solution, if not the only one into creating a sustainable project for household consumption by subsidizing the GREECO BAGS into costs atmost Rs. 2.

greeco bags
greeco bags

Most of the sponsored bags are distributed free of costs on demand of the advertising patrons, thus creating a GREECO Revolution of saying NO to plastic bags and contributing its share in a greener environment.

By becoming a partner or sponsor of Greeco Bag Ad Media, together we can change the world, one bag at a time. Show The Love For The Earth with Greeco Ad Media.