Thursday, April 18 A Search Engine To Find Best Prices Across Hundreds Of E-Commerce Sites

GrabShack proudly launches its search engine for finding and comparing the best prices on deals. It has been created to solve the problem every consumer faces when ordering online.

The problem of “How do I find the best price on a product or a deal? I surely can’t go through every e-commerce website out When two childhood friends and serial entrepreneurs came across this problem, they figured out that the Indian market can hugely benefit from a search engine focusing on finding products prices from every e-commerce website. And thus the idea of GrabShack was born.

It took Harsh Rajat and Robin Srivastava almost a year to develop GrabShack in a way which made finding the offers on products across Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, PayTM and hundreds other websites.

Harsh and Robin aren’t new to startups, their first startup Digital Poke, made headlines globally when they created 360 Web Browser, one of the first and powerful iOS browsers way back in 2012. They then jumped into marketing and promotion of apps via their next company – 3 Magic Shots in 2013, a company which alone was responsible for making several apps and games climb to top 10 of the US App store.

GrabShack is their attempt to simplify the search for deals, offers and coupons and change the way India looks for offers.

Under the hood, GrabShack, constantly keeps an eye on hundreds of websites and uses AI to understand the semantics of the website along with the relations a product has with its pricing, discounts, etc.

It leverages those relations to find out the best deal (or coupon) available across any e-commerce site.

“Think of it as google for deals and coupons available on any Indian e-commerce sites / food joints / travel / recharge / etc. Or better yet, your own personal assistant who will find your favorite product at the best price available.” – Harsh Rajat, CEO,

According to Robin, they have seen the diversity of India as they have lived across various states / internationally after finishing their schooling from Allahabad, UP. And the biggest hurdle they found in fitting in these states were finding a common language or a universal sign. This made their conviction stronger of having an amazing interface (UI/UX) which which should follow the universal language of the world.

“I knew this was a huge and complex problem to solve, but Harsh and I saw an opportunity to tame this mammoth. The excitement to create a unified engine to search all e-commerce sites at once and solve a very real problem. But we also knew that this would take all our time and I would either have to choose my corporate career in US or comeback and work with Harsh to nail this devil. While I was jittery when I did it then, I am proud now and can say that that was the best decision of my life.” – Robin Srivastava, COO / Co-Founder, GrabShack.