Friday, February 23

GETMYUNI- A Platform For Students to Find Right Path of Career

Choosing a career path (or changing one) is very important, but for most of us it had become confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. Choosing a career can be difficult, you may be unsure of what is truly right for you. Maybe you question whether you’re passionate about your career choice, or whether your passion is career-worthy. It is important to consider what education you already have or will have as you begin pursuing a career. Choosing a college is one of the most important decision you will ever make.

GETMYUNI a platform which is helping students to find right college, help students in making the right decisions and also helps them to carry out that decision effectively. Students can review colleges, courses and universities and also study on the same site.

It is an online portal that guides all the education seekers to find the best college throughout that fulfill the requirements. The website gives you access to the wide details of top universities, colleges, entrance exams, events, etc. the platform also offers an exam and campus placement preparation with gives all required study materials, company questions ,solutions, etc.

Portal also guides all of which will help them in their search for the perfect college or university. Users can look up to student reviews and student testimonials where you can get a personal look at the college experiences from hundreds of students. 

The aim is to build the strongest college recommendation tool, believed that currently a lot of students are being misguided by offline consultants to suit themselves, and if there is a fair portal, which bases a student’s background, marks and abilities, using advanced algorithms, to present them with the right set of college recommendations, that product will be a super success.

The platform serves as a social networking platform for aspiring students to meet, ask questions and network with existing students and alumni.

It is considered as a search engine for students where they can search universities, college news, entrance exams, and college events, compare colleges and even write a review. It is the fastest growing educational website. The website currently offers information about 10000+ colleges.

They have largest database of engineering, management, medical, paramedical, pharmacy, commerce, architecture, fashion, hospitality, law, science, arts, computer application, mass media and communication, veterinary sciences, vocational courses, animation, agriculture, dental, education related information.

You can browse the top courses & entrance exams in India. The vast number of options they provide helps students widen their options and make a better decision. With the advanced search option you can easily find the right option by mentioning discipline, degree and country you want to study in.

It consists of a tool that helps you analyze your preparation level for particular exam and where you need to improve. Getmyuni claims to have over 11,000 colleges listed and over 40,000 student-written reviews on its platform. Can read the opinion of the students enrolled with the particular college. It provides over 25,000 student reviews from over 5,000 colleges across 7 different countries.

You can also obtain information like cut-offs, accommodation and hostel costs, placement opportunities and stipends transparently directly from their peers. You can freely communicate with current/past students to get answers to all their queries and make an informed education choice.

Students get access to solved question papers for courses and universities specific to them for last minute preparation so that they can try to boost their academic performance. They do have a vast and organized collection of university prescribes syllabus, previous question papers.