Friday, December 8

FlowerAura: The Most Trusted Online Florist Not Just Delivers Flowers, But Emotions

We, here at Pixr8, recently came across an online Flower and Gifting portal, run by the name of FlowerAura. The startup has already been in the market for a long time now, and most of us would be familiar with the name. is a startup that chose to deliver people’s feelings; a platform that helps its customers to express their emotions to their loved ones on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries and several festivals by sending their way designer bouquets along with occasion specific gifts.

How to express your feelings when you are hundreds of kilometers away from your loved ones! is an online flower and gifting platform, which has been into existence  since 2010, and delivers flowers and gifts to your loved ones in 175+ cities across India. Started by Mr. Himanshu Chawla and Mr. Shrey _Sehgal, FlowerAura is not just a one-stop Florist destination but a perfect place to find the perfect option to make your loved ones’ day memorable.

The Story

In 2010, when Himanshu and Shrey first interacted with each other while working in an MNC, they both realized their common interest of creating something of much larger value. Being driven and inspired by the startup boon in Silicon Valley, both researched and found out a missing bridge between physical distance and emotions.

Both knew that in today’s modern world, where things are getting digitalized, there should be a way for people to send their love easily, without any restriction.

“We are really proud how we turn a delivery into a celebration for our customers”- says Himanshu Chawla.

And that’s how started their journey into making of FlowerAura. Where Himanshu looked after the technical end, Shrey discovered the market and found the right florists all around the country by travelling cities and joining hands with them and bringing them on-board.

Now, FlowerAura has spread its delivery centers to over 500 and has several categories such as Flowers, Cakes, Gifts, combos and more to be found on the website here!

Plan your Bouquet and Gifts

The flower business alone in India is worth more than Rs 10,000crore and houses huge opportunities In this fast-pacing world, it becomes a cumbersome task to go out and explore the physical stores, not only does it involve time but also energy, especially when something shows up unannounced, it becomes even harder. FlowerAura makes it quite easier and simpler. It might even take less than a minute to find out the perfect designed bouquets which are categorized  as per every possible occasion ranging from Birthdays, Anniversaries to Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day.

The website also keeps you updated on the events that are about to follow in the month; so that one never forgets to celebrate any occasion, be it Children’s day or Mother’s Day!

Don’t forget to send flowers on Mother’s Day which is by the way is on May 14th!

A Savior

Despite being a multi-million-dollar opportunity, earlier, the local florists were on the tender end as the sales were not as per their estimates. Although the business seemed to rise gradually, yet the rise was not appealing to many.

“Talking about competition, we aim at motivating and creating value. We promote and help other startups like us to grow. We do not want to cut anybody’s customers, just contribute to a happy flowering business!”

Himanshu is very specific about not being called an e-commerce website, reason being as he states, “We do not deal in plain business, we are here to deal in emotions”

Merchandising is one thing, and Happiness is other!” – Himanshu Chawla


Future with FlowerAura

One of the major regions where FlowerAura wants to improvise over the coming years is to reduce the delivery time. Currently, the time taken to delivery an order is approximately 2 to 3 hours,, which they further want to reduce.

The company is also working to set up ware-houses in tier-1 cities and also to increase the catalogue for same day delivery items.

Message from the Founder:

“From experience”, says Himanshu “nothing is unachievable if one learns to believe in themselves.” He shouts out to young entrepreneurs, who are the future of many budding companies.  He further added, “Nothing is better than starting early, fewer the responsibilities on your head, more will be the time to dedicate.” Being an early starter himself, “now is the right time!” he would say.