Bengaluru Based Startup Changing The Perception of The Way You Look at Media

Bengaluru Based Startup Changing The Perception of The Way You Look at Media

Bengaluru-based Contex8 is changing the perception, the way you look at media. It provides a visual interface with three timelines based newsfeed across various media sources on past trends, future trends and the current trending topics.

Aggregation undertaken by algorithm is reviewed across news/social wires perspectives and represented in the form of news-wall with integrated public opinion.

The Team is working across bureau from Bengaluru, Kolkata, Guwahati and Noida.



How Contex8 Works –

It’s solving the problem of accessing news from multiple sources and impact analysis. Shreya Kar, VP-Marketing adds, “At Contex8, the delivery of news to the user end is carried out in an impactful manner, thereby ensuring that the news, it’s origin, analysis and related feed across all news formats are integrated into one platform and presented as a simplified newsfeed to the users”.


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Contex8 was started in the later half of 2015 by Riddhinil Roy. Both Saikat Bhunia and Riddhinil were working on their other startup that is based on a campus dashboard Connec8ive+ which recently got selected in the Next big 100 startup portfolio of HayGroup, from India.

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The entire platform is twin-shaped by the business model in both B2B and B2C model. In order to make the most of their platform in B2B, the news platform provides a brand timeline, sponsored slots and content related services. While at the user end Contex8 has introduced wallet subscription with features and services at B2C end with e-paper subscription. Briefing on which, Anisha Das Cofounder & COO says: “We have already run a beta-test for Contex8 wallet with 700+ users, we will be aiming for 21+ brand timeline tie-ups and other genre-oriented native advertising space on our platform”



Contex8 recently raised an undisclosed seed round from Kolkata-based angel for a minority stake in the media-tech startup. Recently, Contex8 has been selected in incubation programme of Innokul Incubator at Kolkata and are operating out of three cities in India under mentoring by Gaurav Kapoor and Rick Pal.



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