Sunday, May 26

For The First Time “Co-Living” Spaces in India by

With the largest youth population, India is where the future of the world lies. From multinationals to savvy investors, everyone is betting on youngistan. The ever-growing trend of university students and young professionals from across the nation migrating towards big cities, in the hopes of realising their dreams, has created a demand for better living. This internet savvy generation has a panache for living in style! With a click of a button, they want money to be transferred, food to be delivered, appointments to be made and much more. This integration of the physical world with the virtual one has been made possible by startups that are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways of solving day to day problems. is one such innovative tech platform that is pioneering the concept of “Co-Living” spaces for the first time in India. Through its offerings of fully-furnished managed apartments and villas with top-notch amenities at affordable price points near corporate and college hubs, CoHo is transforming the way Gen Y lives in India.





The idea is to bring in superior living experience, by leveraging technology for seamless user interactions with end-to-end home services like housekeeping, repairs, maintenance, high-speed internet and other utilities. With a wonderful social experience through recreational activities with like-minded folks, CoHo is striving to ensure that you don’t just exist but start living!

Through its strategic partnerships with some amazing startups that cater to the diverse needs of millennials for healthcare, food, lifestyle, commuting and other essentials, CoHo is transforming their living experiences beyond accommodation alone. One such partner Shuttl is a mobile based AC minibus service aimed at making your daily commute convenient at affordable price points. VanityCube, another privileged partner of delivers on-demand beauty treatments, just the way you want them, wherever and whenever you need them. Similarly, PLANK offers you access to a wide range of gyms and fitness centres at your convenience with its easy-to-use app!





This is just the beginning of many more disruptive innovations to watch out in the near future. We can already witness startups creating customised solutions through their offerings that are addressing the diverse needs of millennials in India and changing the very way they think about living!