After 3 Failed Attempts, He Made a Back Breaking Platform For Real Estate – Searchahome

After 3 Failed Attempts, He Made a Back Breaking Platform For Real Estate – Searchahome

Nightmares of shifting from one place to another haunting you? Ever dreamt of relocating? We bring a solution to this back-breaking and bone-cracking problem- SearchAhome.in, With SearchAhome it was this easy to find a life-long accommodation.

SearchAhome brings potential buyers, sellers, landlords, tenant and builders together on a very transparent platform to go with the dealings.

With its headquarters situated at Vikas Marg, New Delhi, the startup came into its existence on 29th August 2014. SearchAhome currently entertains the regions of Delhi Ncr and claims to provide the best deal in the given shortest period of time.

The founder Vikas Joshi holds an experience of 20 years of real estate business and developed the platform by realising the need of overcoming the shortcomings in the real market. The team comprises of 6 hardworking talented young girls & boys.

For now, the Real Estate market is very intertwined and the scale is very limited to the sight of brokers and petty dealers.

Mr Joshi says, “there are lots of good projects in the market but a potential buyer can’t get the right information due to limited broker channel and the very own limitation of a broker regarding the status & right information of the project plus he could have his own personal reasons (brokerage slab) for not promoting even the good projects.”

SearchAhome.in is facing a direct competition from 99acres, magicbricks, housing, & commonfloor. SearchAhome promises a very interactive, easy to operate and a transparent platform.

The founder & CEO explain, “Our unique selling point is, in searchahome.in with every project there is direct numbers and email id of builder so that buyer can directly contact the builder for best deal and discounts. Same in resale and lease properties anyone can contact seller or landlord directly.”



SearchaHome was not an idea that came into its existence in a blink of an eye. It was born after having failed and learning lessons over time. Mr Joshi told about his last 3 Real Estate portals that focused only in some particular areas like East Delhi, Yamuna Expressway and miscellaneous commercial projects.

“While working on my earlier three projects I realized that there is huge potential in this real estate market and what an achievement would it be if a client could get direct deals without the help of any broker, saving him a lot of money and time.”

When asked about his favourite failure, Mr Vikas Joshi said,” My fav project was my portal about commercial projects and properties which didn’t work out and eventually failed because of lack of demand of commercial properties as compared to residential projects and properties.”


SearchAhome in search of an investor!

This Delhi based startup is yet bootstrapped and is looking for an investor that could believe in not only their ideas but also the team. The team has high aspirations and goal set are very passionate about giving their platform a perfect shape.


SearchAhome also in search of active personnel

Currently the team is comprising of 6 members and are hiring. They seek out for the dynamic professionals who are ready to work hard to succeed and also have great career goals.


Future Plans:

SearchAhome.in aims at putting a genuine end to the search of homes. In the near future it aims at expanding its outreach from every corner to every other building. In March 2016, SearchAhome is going to launch Service Section in their portal.


Message for wanna be entrepreneurs:

It’s easy to make a plan, living the plan is a real difficult deal. Work hard to achieve your goals and the success will be inevitable!

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