Looking For Plug & Play Office Space in Pune – Try Trios

Looking For Plug & Play Office Space in Pune – Try Trios

Over the past decade, as technology has freed people to work almost anywhere, and the economy has created legions of solo entrepreneurs, community workspaces have grown from a few outposts into an established business model. Along the way, they have essentially turned into offices themselves, complete with workplace romances and coffee-machine issues.

TRIOS provides plug-and-play office space with plush amenities but at very reasonable charges. If you are a creative, high energy, no-nonsense workaholic, this is the perfect place to ‘hangout’ with your work and team !!!! The business model of TRIOS is designed in a way that even startups can afford it.

”When my husband was looking for an office space for his startup we found out that there are only two types of spaces in Pune- one which provides plush shared office space for exorbitant charges which are too much for startups and the other one which provides decent charges but runs in 2 BHK apartment cum office space. At that moment the idea of creating affordable but professional plug-and-play office space struck my mind” says Tejasa Potnis, CEO and Co-founder of TRIOS.

TRIOS has opened in January and within two months houses 6 companies and has provided services to many companies. The space architecture is perfect for startups, small to medium IT, designing, CA, CS along with biggies in the market planning for expansion or has workspace issues.

TRIOS pricing
TRIOS has cabins of different sizes to ensure member’s privacy and has all the facilities from leased line internet, power backup, conference room, pantry, receptionist and more. The members have the option to choose workstation on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. TRIOS also has 8-10

trios pune 2

trios pune

TRIOS also has 8-10 sitter conference room with wide-screen HDMI connect to conduct meetings or training.

“We want to make sure that members working with us will not have to worry about anything and focus their energy on their passion and work,” says Pratik Potnis, Founder of TRIOS.

“Come and visit us if you want to work in high-energy corporate environment with creative like-minded upbeat individuals. Make new friends, share lunches, stop wasting your energy in admin work and have a carefree working days while we work for you!” says Tejasa.

The company is coming with 4 new centres soon as it believes in making better and innovative community for entrepreneurs.

Link: http://www.trios.co.in/

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