The nearBuy Office Place: Designed For The 21st-Century Folks

The nearBuy Office Place: Designed For The 21st-Century Folks

For a moment, I thought I was in the wrong place! Hadn’t there been a nearbuy office board, I would have mistaken it to be a cafeteria or some kind of reader’s club. Yes! This was the first impression I had as soon as I entered the nearbuy office place by Groupon. It surely is a place designed for the 21st-century folks, keeping in mind several aspects of artwork to provide an appealing and soothing sensation not only to eyes but to the inner-self.

nearbuy office entrance

nearbuy office entrance



The nearbuy office is a kingdom of its own, with several territories and a vast area capable of accommodating more than 600 people easily without any space constraints.

During the uprising of nearbuy, around one-and-half years back, during a conversation in an event with the founder, Mr. Ankur Warikoo, he expressed his desire of owning a big house in the heart of Delhi! In such a small time, it’s great to see how he managed to get a 60,000 sq./ft. home-like-office.

“600+ people spend 8-16 hours of their waking time in the nearbuy office. I want it to be a place where people love to come to work every day! Making sure that happens is my only goal and a constant worry. The new office has been designed with this sole purpose, and I believe we have been able to achieve it.” – said Ankur Warikoo (CEO & Founder)



The Lords of the Realm

The place is managed by a board of directors comprising of Ankur Warikoo, Sachin Kapur, Sumeet Kapur, Ankur Sarawagi, Ravi Shankar and Snehesh Mitra. Watching them walking all around the office place offering help and support was such an eye opener. Down-to-earth, motivating and very friendly, these guys are always ready to challenge the employees at a table-tennis game or have a combat over the PlayStation.

“The nearbuy office has a very open, comfortable and productive environment. From the most intense of places like the conference room to a completely chilled-out place like the diner, I feel the entire office has a very happy vibe which inspires me to be here every day.” – Aashima Praveen (Marketing Associate)






Beat The Traffic

The office is located on Golf Course Road near Sun City, and hence provides a little respite from the office traffic rush. Wider roads and fewer vehicles will no doubt save you from the beeps & honks.

“The neabBuy office, for me, is a happy place. It has been designed to reflect all that we believe in as a family.” – Akriti Jain (Manager – Strategic Projects)



Personal Space: Every person gets to enjoy the 84 sq./ft. of personal space, with a full access to 32 after Bollywood named stylish conference/meeting rooms.

“I feel quite motivated to come to the office every day. With splashes of colors everywhere to finding the most inspirational quotes in the meeting rooms, I think every part of the office has a unique feel to it.” – Anabelle Colaco. (Content Strategist).



Stunning Interiors: The place is always in its best make-up. Be it full sized colorful sofas or modern art decors, with super comfy chairs, bean bags, lazy boys and couches, all contribute to the beautiful setting.

“I love the colourful sofas and how everyone greets me with a smile when I enter the office in the morning. I like the freedom we feel here to be what we are.” – Shatakshi Sharma (AM – Business Planning).


The Food & Fun Inventory

The nearbuy cafeteria, a hub for the entire office staff satisfies their cravings at the daily five-spread lunch buffet or evening snacks, available to everyone. An endless supply of seasonal fruits, an inexhaustible coffee machine, an unlimited stock of tea bags, chocolate milk, badam milk and soup packets are also on offer.

“I love the new office. The windows are huge, and the interiors are modern and contemporary with a lot of comfortable seating space. I especially like the food.” –Manan Vyas (Associate Product Manager).



The main agenda that distinguishes this office place from others is the freedom and the friendly and supporting environment one gets in here. There are no bosses, or strict protocols to be followed! We’re all a big, happy family in this 60,000 sq./ft. home we call nearbuy.


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