When It Comes to Co-Working Spaces in Bangalore, BHIVE is Matchless

When It Comes to Co-Working Spaces in Bangalore, BHIVE is Matchless

Working from a garage is almost as expensive as working from a co-working space, when you take the operational expenses into account. For start-ups in Bangalore that desire an agreeable environment to work from, but not spend greatly, BHIVE is quite the fitting choice. It’s moderately priced, provides excellent facilities and amenities, and the start-up community it houses is outstanding, if networking and synergizing is your thing.


BHIVE has 4 workspaces spread around some of Bangalore’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Koramangala, Indiranagar and two in HSR Layout; all within a space of 10 kilometres. You can find them all on Google Maps and they pretty easy to reach. I chose to try out their HRS – S4 workspace because it’s the largest co-working space in Bangalore.

Bhive workspace from outside

Bhive workspace from outside

I walked into BHIVE’s HSR S4 Workstation. I had a free one-day trial offer, and I figured, let’s give the voucher a spin. So yes, I walked in and I was greeted by their community manager Aditya. That guy exuded enthusiasm and energy, infectious energy. A steampunk fan. Had me on my toes instantly. He gave me a tour of the space, which was pitch perfect, and let me free to explore the four floors. And my, did I explore.

bhive 3

bhive inside


Hot desks, plug n play spaces, dedicated seats, cabin rooms, discussion rooms, play area, pantry, terrace, lounge and what not! HSR S4 seemed to me an office cum home cum disco cum mall. It had everything a start-up could wish for to make work fun. Even an elevator. During lunch, I made conversations with several start-ups housed underneath the roof.Quite a reputed crowd: NEC, Udacity, InnerChef, Springboard the list was pretty impressive to blow my socks away. And they all returned with positive reviews about BHIVE. However, the best conversation I made was on the terrace, the space dedicated for smokers, with a freelancer named Vikas, who’d been working out of BHIVE S4 for a month. This is what he said:

“I don’t have to look out for projects from outside. There’s always a gig lined up for me from the in-house companies. But yes, I had to network and make contacts before. And I have cigarettes to thank for that.” At which, I laughed.

bhive event

What struck me the most about BHIVE was how they utilized their space. The walls were coated with quotes and art to inspire, each table had a plant – healthy, lush shrubs – to swing a positive vibe, the light bulbs on the fourth floor were a sight to behold, the high ceiling and flawless air-conditioning drowned the summer heat and the privacy one enjoys was akin to a private cabin.

By the end of my time, I was quite impressed by BHIVE and decided that I must write an article on them, and perhaps make conversation with their co-founder, if he had the time. And though he did seem occupied, he did squeeze out a couple of moments to speak of his BHIVE journey.



Shesh Paplikar

After a successful career in the USA, where he was a regular user of co-working spaces, Shesh returned home and realised the need for co-working spaces in the start-up capital of India, Bangalore. So, he set himself right away to it, soon as he returned home.

The Koramangala workspace was the first to open its doors. Shesh had put in his own fortunes and taken the measures to see his dream come true. The Koramangala workspace was an instant success, brimming with start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals. Soon, he received support from Ravi, a close friend and expanded operations by inaugurating the Indiranagar workspace, which was a success as well. And within a span of one year, Shesh became the CEO of BHIVE Workspace with four workspaces under him. Now, with the help of angel investors and mentors, Shesh plans to expand across the country to support and aid the start-up ecosystem of India.

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