Wednesday, October 4

Twitter is working on End-to-End Encrypted Messanging:Report

Amidst data security concerns looming over Facebook and WhatsApp, Twitter is reportedly working on testing a new feature on its Android app that will aim at making messaging secure with end-to-end encryption.

With this feature onboard, the messaging platform will roll out “Encrypted messaging” that will facilitate secret conversation allowing viewing both sides of the conversation for encryption keys to verify a secure connection.

The encrypted Direct Message (DM) option was first tracked inside Twitter for APK that had codes for unreleased features that companies were testing. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is already using “end to end encryption” in all conversations which can also be opted on Messenger.


Twitter’s popular direct message feature allows users to send messages to recipients irrespective of following them on the social networking platform. This is particularly beneficial in the context of exchanging messages with parties without the need of establishing a connection beforehand.

How End to End Encryption Works?

In the ongoing world of technology where we are constantly under the theft of data breach, an end to end encryption seems mandatory for messaging apps. The technology makes it difficult for snoopers to access and interpret messages which are exchanged between two parties.

Messages that are secured with End to End encryption come secured with a lock and the sender and the receiver have the special keys that are needed to unlock and decode the message.

Interestingly, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for such a feature on the platform a year ago. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see when Twitter will officially roll out the feature.