Friday, June 21

Twitter App Update: Now Get Highlights on Big Events, News stories

Social media giant Twitter is revamping its service to give more space to events such as World cup, earthquakes, royal weddings and elections, a move dedicated at making it a lot easier for users to find interesting tweets.

Notably, Twitter has made efforts to stand out with advertisers and users alike by pushing live events and instant news as compared to social networks like Facebook that has made news a lower priority over friends and family posts.


Now Get Push Notifications For Events on Twitter

San Francisco based company has informed that it would now send notifications to users in its apps for events while promoting them at its dedicated Twitter’s search page.

The prompt will appear right at the top of Twitter’s timeline, the very first thing that users will get to see when they will open Twitter on their smartphones.

Keith Coleman, Twitter vice president of product said We want Twitter to be the little bird on your shoulder that tells you what you need to know when you need to know it.

It is interesting to note that back in 2015 too, Twitter had launched a similar feature dubbed as “Moments”, and the latest change¬†is an expansion of the feature.

The push notifications sent to users will allow selection of tweets, pictures and videos on the topic put together by a combination of computer algorithms and human “curators.”

Meanwhile, the social networking service shares have reached a $44.33 (roughly Rs. 3,000) high on Tuesday after JP Morgan raised its price target on the stock, citing revenue growth estimates and Twitter’s ability to show “what’s happening now” during events like the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Additionally, Twitter has also signed an agreement with Fox Sports to broadcast World Cup highlights including every goal scored in the tournament, which begins on Thursday.

It will thus be interesting to watch how well the new feature update will work on Twitter especially when past events and high-profile news have proved tricky for social networks including Facebook and YouTube because of the easy spread of hoaxes and false information.