Friday, July 19

StumbleUpon Officially Shuts Down After Sixteen Years Of Existence

StumbleUpon, a content delivery platform has officially been shut down after sixteen long years of operations. The social sharing platform had foregone both Twitter and Facebook.

This news comes after a month of the announcement that StumbleUpon will possibly be closed forever. Well, the day has arrived and the company is officially no more in existence.

StumbleUpon was launched in 2002 before the Facebook or Twitter came into existence. It was a random content developer where the user would click the stumble buttons and was directed to a random website, app, meme, forum, etc. that the platform considered was interesting for the users.



As stated by Garrett Camp, the co-founder of the company, StumbleUpon has racked up over 60 billion stumbles to over 40 million users since its establishment. Enabling users to hop from one piece of content to another with a single click, its simplicity ended up being injured as more capable platforms came along.

However, there is now an alternative that the people can give a try to under the name Mix. Therefore, we can probably say its not actually an end. The accounts of StumbleUpon will be transferred to which will “combine social and semantic personalization into one streamlined experience.”

To this news, a user claimed, “Terrible idea. SU was great, it was unique, it was useful, it was easy to use. What you have made with Mix is a new Pinterest. Why do you expect the same success? I don’t understand this decision at all, and I’m saddened.”

It might be interesting to watch how the new platform takes over the old one, whether it will succeed or the traffic will come down. Camp might be hoping the new social sharing platform, Mix, can give some of the well known social platforms of the day a run for their money.